Thursday, April 12, 2007

Random notes

Can't have the same thing all the time staring at you in blogland.

Can't top those pictures, though.

Let me tell you about work. My computer fried. Three people and two computers. Ever play musical chairs? In this game, I'm always the loser. As soon as someone vacates their chair, I have to slip in and do my work and slither back out.

Annoying. Doable, but annoying.
The most irritating is lunch time. I eat at my desk. I love to eat at my desk.

Because they have DSL!!!

I can zoom through the blogosphere with the greatest of ease.Things load in seconds whereas at home it takes minutes...sometimes as long as three minutes!!!

So, now I don't have a computer and I have a BAD habit of reading while eating. .. do you do that too??

Anyway ... what do I do in the meantime?

Read. A book. I don't bring any from home, so I scrounge around.
What books are there to read in a lawyer's office?

Legal books, what else?
Yesterday, I grabbed a Legal Dictionary and found myself enjoying it.

So, today I did the same thing.

I learned:

You know that phrase, " Them thar words is "Fightin' Words, boy!!" ?

Fighting Words - a real legal term
Speech that is not protected by the First Admendment to the United States Constitution because it is likely to cause violence by the person to whom the words are spoken.

How come we don't see that used as a defense anywhere? It has great potential. I guess yelling 'Fire' in a crowded place falls under that category ... sort of.

Tons of people spout and get on their soap boxes about their pet peeves and they extravagantly express (read - abuse) their freedoms of speech. Sometimes it seems that there's no stopping them, no matter how inflamed and self-righteous they get or who they hurt.

Well .... insulting me or mine is FIGHTING WORDS ... so if I beat the crap outta you, because you enticed me to violence, will I get off because your words aren't defensible if they can be proved as "fighting words"??
I guess that depends on how badly I beat the crap outta you and what you do to retaliate.

See, If I respond to your FIGHTING WORDS and attack you, YOU then bear the brunt of proving said violence against you when you do violence against ME because you will then have to defend yourself with FLEE TO THE WALL Doctrine.

What the heck is that?

The principle that a person must try every reasonable way of escape before killing the attacker.

So, in trying to "escape my violence", you .... I'm ... Oops, that means I'm dead. Eek.
Well, how in the hell do you prove your innocence then? What about mine???? I can't talk anymore!!!

Damned, infernal Fighting Words ....


Kailana said...

You are having bad computer luck! I hope that improves for you. I can't help with what to do in the meantime, I just answer read when people ask me questions like that, but I don't have to tell you that!

Anonymous said...

same with me. my laptop has been in the shop all week because i fried my hard drive. i never knew how much i actually relied on that damn thing to keep me busy. so all week i've been reading, doing crosswords, and renting movies. lol. it hasn't been that bad.

Brandy said...

Sorry to hear that yet another computer has bit the dust. Wait a minute, I'm sensing a pattern! (KIDDING, I'M KIDDING!)
Hey, at least you're learning new and interesting things!
I absolutely read and eat at the same time. Especially at lunch.
Have a good weekend!