Monday, April 30, 2007


Prince Joe, Forever Blue and Educating Harvard by Suzanne Brockmann are worth reading and are guaranteed to hook you on Suzanne's writing if you've never read her before.
Now I'm on the search for more.

Speed Dating by Nancy Warren is one of those NASCAR inspired romance books by Harlequin. Have to say, it was cute and worth reading in a relaxing bubble bath. Someone just needs to find a way to keep the water warm for more than 20 minutes!

I just got my notification from the Romantic Times E-zine I subscribed to last month.
Happy News/Disappointed News.

The American Title III contest winner isn't Kim Howe, the author that I had highlighted in my blog back in January.

The lucky lady who won is Jenny Gardiner, whose SLEEPING WITH WARD CLEVER had that unusual romantic finale; the one that had wry humor and wit coloring the scene. It wasn't my personal style or expectation, but clearly many were intrigued by the unexpected twist and I acknowledge its cleverness.

She popped in on my comments way back (February) and explained why she chose what she did. She hinted that the other romance scenes that she had to choose from were critical to the story and would have given too much away.
Here's me saying, Congratulations to Jenny Gardiner! Looks like we're going to be able to read all about it when Sleeping With Ward Clever gets published.

AND for Kim Howe, the author who graciously allowed me to highlight her on this blog: Congratulations for making it all the way to the very last contest! I hope to read
One Shot, Two Kills at some point because after reading all your excerpts, you have me hooked! For me, your characters, plot and potential crisis vehicles are reminiscent of Susanne Brockmann's Navy SEALs and that constitutes a must read. All the best to you !!

Thanks to my smallest, I've learned that the Madagascar Tomato Frog is on the endangered Species list due to deforestation and the illegal pet trade.
You've heard about the rain forests being destroyed that way in South America and Africa, but on the island of Madagascar? They have flora and fauna that appear no where else in the world. Why isn't more being done?
Frogs are considered the world's litmus test of a stable ecology and environmnent. Shouldn't we be protecting them with stronger measures?

BTW - I read that they should be referred to with a different adjective than Madagascar - like,
Malagasy Tomato Frog, NOT Madagascan. Guess they're sensitive about that.

It is sunny today but breezy! We have sustained winds of 24 MPH but the wind so far has gusted up to 34 MPH. That would dry my hair in a hurry! LOL

Has anyone heard that Jaid Black has a new Trek offering? NOT Star Trek folks, LOL!
No, her erotic romance series based in another galaxy. I'm STILL waiting for Death's HEA!
She's been keeping us fans dangling for a few years.
I am hoping for a great climax soon.


Brandy said...

Ooooh, I got the pun at the end of that!
I read Speed Dating it was cute! And being the sap I am, I got misty at the end. *g*
You have learned alot about the Tomato frog this week, hope your Son gets a great grade on his report!
I've got warm, very warm weather here. No wind. I'm enjoying my air conditioner and the In-Laws have taken the kids for a couple of hours. IT'S QUIET! I have no idea what to do with my free time!
Anyway, have a great evening!

Anonymous said...

i've read both suzanne brockman and nancy warren so i look forward to those books. that's why i'm so glad i found this blog. you give me updates on when things come out. thanks.

Michele said...

*gg* Glad you got the pun! I wasn't sure if I should put that in there on not. Then I figured "why not be silly?"
Hence ...voila!

I'm happy to hear that you liked Speed Dating too. It was fun and yeah, it was sweet at the end. Especially his vision...gave me the willies in a good way.

Air conditioning already? Out on the electric bill! I can wait for that!

Oh! I spoke to his teacher directly this afternoon. She was calling about a peanut issue and I got to ask her. Her answer was "It was great!".
Made me feel better, much better!

You have a great evening too, Brandy!

Michele said...

Kate! Just FYI, The initial books I listed are the beginning of Suzannes venture into Navy SEALS as a series. They hooked me but good and now I'm on the lookout for the books in the BIG series..the hardcovers. t
Thank you for the compliment about liking my blog.
That just gives me the warm and fuzzies!

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I haven't read any of the books you mentioned, Michele, but I'm pretty sure I purchased a couple of them a while ago and they're stuck somewhere in the middle of my dangerously high, teetering TBR stack. :-)

Mailyn said...

Just going around giving everyone the heads up, Kelley Armstrong is over on Twisted Kingdom with a contest. ^__^

Michele said...

Gee Daisy, there's a HUGE reason for that.

But don't let your TBR pile turn into an avalanche without digging for Prince Joe, if you have it. It's a good story.
Actually, Unsung Hero was good. I finished that last night at 1 AM. CRIED! I mean, it was so meaningful and I knew it ( a certain scene) was coming but I didn't wantit to happen but when it did, well ... it was the way it had to be and you just felt like hugging someone for comfort...
I only had my blanket for that.
DH was LONG asleep..;-)

Yet the HEA was sweet.
I skimmed the retro stuff once I got the gist though. I'm a present gal mostly. That technique isn't for me. But you had to read some so the "scene" made sense.

So...try one. or two. You might like it!

But thanks for dropping by Daisy and saying HI. Always fun to have you here.
Sorry it took so long to get back and comment... busy day today.

Thanks for the heads up. Glad you were able to stop by. You've been so BUSY lately!! I should have you do a template tweak for me sometime. You have the coolest ideas!