Thursday, July 05, 2007

MySpace SPAM

Gross Spam
I just got a "message" from someone named Baby Joe.
As far as I'm concerned, He's SPAM and I labeled it so.
What was the message?

I hope u mommie.

Bad grammer, sentence structure and the so-called message squicked me out.
Not to mention the demented icon that was attached; A man (?) in a very large, very white, very FULL looking diaper. I refused to take a closer look but it seemed something *gag* was sticking out of the top of the diaper rim.

I don't want to know the "whys" or "whos" about this dubious adult. But he needs help, preferably from a professional "dad" figure with the letters M.D. in his name.

I'd rather be bugged by music marketing MySpacers than this insult to normal relations.
OK, so it can be said that to him, it is "normal".

Sorry, that's even more scary.

To each their own, in a land far far away....


Marianne Arkins said...

I can't even talk about that spam... oh, ick...

Hey, email me if you want to review my dinosaur story -- it's been out since last November and is one of my absolute favorites!

I'm at marianne AT mariannearkins DOTCOM


Brandy said...

I've heard of some abnormal practices, but that one is the one that REALLY squicks me out. They even did an episode of CSI: Vegas on it!
Definitely Spam!
Other than that, I hope you're having a good day!

Kristen Painter said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Michele said...

I'm THERE, Marianne!
And yep, that SPAM is one I'd like to forget. So why did I blog about it? *grin*


Brandy! They did one on CSI? I remember the furry animals but diaper fetishes? Whoa.
How does anyone figure out that that's what they're into?
Um... maybe I don't want to know.*cough*


OH, Kristen!!
Hope I didn't traumatize you too much.
**sheepish grin**
It IS a bit much, isn't it?