Monday, July 16, 2007

Quz time again

There be Quizzes here today, folks! Enjoy and be feisty!

Dreamer, Thrill-seeker, or Avenger? (Which are you?)

You are an Avenger. It means that you live in the past. You don't care for what's going on now, or what will happen. Just what did happen. My advice to you is try to look away from just the past and see what else is out there. You propably would be surprised.
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What Band Instrument Are YOU?

You are a saxophone. You're a smooth talker and people find you irresistable. You're very cool, however you have a slightly nerdy side that only a select few ever see.
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How Much of a Pirate Arr You ? (Girls & Boys)

Land lubber. Don't take this the wrong way, but I just don't think a life chasing gold and plundering ports is entirely up your street. Your answers suggest you're more comfortable with Google Maps than treasure maps and would be far more likely to walk to school than walk the plank. That said, there's no reason you can't wear your favourite skull and crossbones t shirt from time to time, and when someone asks you who Aladdin's least favourite pirate is, of course you can shout, "JafARRRR!"
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Brandy said...

A question for a pirates quiz! What is the 18th letter of the alphabet? RRRRRRRRR! *G*
Hope you're having a great day!

Mailyn said...

I just HAD to take the pirate quiz! LOL.

Pirate Queen/King. Ye be kind of scurvy rascal always spreadin' fear and dread wherever ye roam. With yer cutlass in hand, there ain't an Englishman or Spaniard who can match ya. From the straits o' Gibraltar to Southhampton Dock, there ain't a soul in the water who'll dare say you ain't the best. A word o' warning for ya - other pirates may be visited bu the green eyed monster and unite against ya. Best be watchin' yer back, matey, as they're known ta be a magnet fer wayward daggers. Yarr ...


Michele said...

LOL, Brandy!
And I respond with the eight letter.. IIIIIIIIIIIIIII, captain!

I absolutely enjoyed reading your result. Thanks!

Michele said...

I'm a goober!!

It's the NINETH letter!


Jill Monroe said...

Naughty Michele - I should be writing, but I can't resist these quizzes ; )

Michele said...

*giggle* Hi Jill!
Yep, I'm a nice naughty ...*snort*

Bet you'll get some amazing results!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a break from writing with me!