Sunday, July 01, 2007

Armor and Amour

Did you have a fun weekend? Any great plans for the 4th of July?

I had a fun weekend and I'll share it with you. And plans for the 4th are expected to be quiet - except for the neighborhood fireworks - and spent with my family.

What did I do that was different this weekend?

Went to the Higgins Amory Museum.
What a HUGE and amazing place.

If you're a guy, it's perfect because the place is laden with testosterone induced armaments.
Man against Man using the civilized weapons of their day.
Broadswords, rapiers and pikes, suits of armor for royalty, crusaders, warlords and jousters.

I even saw a gorgeous sword handle encrusted in faceted iron inlaid with Wedgewood or Jasperware. With the spotlight on it, it sparkled like gems. Pieces like that never would see the light of battle - they were a status statement. I was "wowed".
We even got to see a rapier instructional fight, broadsword and others. It was amazing to realized that swordplay is a true artform. Sure the focus was to run your opponent through, but it was a graceful coup de grace.
Wanna see?
First, let me through in the Amour -
I just finished a most adorable romance called Dancing for Dixie by Rosie Graham. How charming! It was a delightful read with a true romantic ending. It was one of those marraige of convenience stories yet both actually do love each other but neither knows it. So they dance around each other. Dixie has one leg shorter than the other and has always felt left out and tainted by her affliction. She never danced in her life. Nate has been an MD in Rwanda but comes back to sell the house he inherited so he can return and fund the medical practice he has there. Nate teaches her to dance. *sigh*
They knew each other as kids and now, as adults, must find a way realize that their love has survived beyond the friendship they had had as children.

Very sweet.
I give it a solid. PURR

Also, New Moon by Stephenie Laurens - the sequel to Twilight. Another recommend.
At a few points, this one had me in tears. It really pulled the heart strings and I found myself totally relating to the lead character. To love and lose, then to find another love in an unexpected friendship but one that gets tested by the difficult choices she has to make. Oh, how well Stephenie wrote those scenes. Oh, how the ending made me both happy and sad, hopeful and yearning all at the same time.

Have you read it???
So, that's my Amour portion.
Are you ready for the pictures?


This was an example of "civilized" fighting where it was done in arenas. Eventually only the top half of the body was attacked so the bottom half went unproctected. They were separated from the crowds by fences like shown.

I have NO idea if the skirt is a joke or real. But it sure is colorful!
Mortuary Helmust from 1500's.

And one from 17th Century.

Amazing how the tutorial of swordplay had two women vs. two men. It was great to see how both sexes could fight!! Also, this was a sample of a rapier and dagger(guy) and a broadsward and shield(female) fight.

The broadsword would more often than not, win.
This is taken, if I remember correctly, from the Fourth floor of the Museum.
Amazing, eh?
So, that's a peak at my day yesterday.
BTW - does anyone know why my posts with pictures end up with such spaces when I try to place everything close together?
How annoying.
But my weekend, how educational.
Hope yours was fine too and Hope your Monday starts of your week on a good note.


Brandy said...

Michele you would not believe it! Chris had been doing *gasp* hanywork today! He painted! I wonder if aliens have taken my realy hubs?
Nothing so fun here as what you've done. WOW! I would love to be able to see that museum. Thank you for posting your pictures!

Hope you have a great evening and a wonderful monday!

Mailyn said...

I'm SO jealous! We don't have historical museums in Miami!!! We have a few modern art museums. :-(

Anonymous said...

Very cool. That's the kind of museum kids would really enjoy. And, um, husbands too.

Annalee Blysse said...

It does look like an amazing place to visit. Fun! Hope you have a great 4th too.