Saturday, January 13, 2018

Authors Who Write with Bite

Happy Saturday! And, welcome to my fandom.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a huge fan of paranormal romances. I've been giving a bit of thought as to what I'd want to contribute to this today's Saturday 7 and I thought I'd list the names of my go-to authors whose heroes love to nip, bite and claim.

To be chosen by using such a basic and visceral method appeals to that part of me that responds with an ancient female instinct similar to our furry counterparts in nature - to wait and watch while suitors joust, show physical prowess, strength and dominance so a female can mate with the strongest male, -.procreation with the strongest is an intense survival instinct in nature. Humans have a much more difficult time of it and muck it up a lot.  I think that's why I like stories about heroes who have a penchant to bite, mark and claim their chosen lady because nature gives those guys a bit of a push - usually a scent or other sign that she's 'the one'. Their assured exclusivity and monogamy to one woman, and all that focus of sexual drive, the need to protect and the treating of a woman like the sun rises and sets in her eyes, has a huge appeal to the romantic within me. These 7 authors have captured my imagination like no other and I'm thrilled to share them with you.

1) Christine Feehan

Ms. Feehan's Carpathians have been thrilling me for over 15 years. She's been entertaining readers since her first book, Dark Prince, exploded on the shelves in 1999.  In them, her heroes cannot see colors, have no feelings and within them lies a spreading darkness that will consume them and turn them into vampires unless they have the fortitude to recognize the end is near, can no longer hold out on hope and loyalty alone, and face the sun before they succumb to evil. Their one hope, as slim as it is due to a plot thread woven throughout many of the early books, is to find their lifemate; she's a woman who is their one - the other half of their soul who can save them from the darkness within. She gives them back their ability to feel and to see color.

What I enjoy is watching these merciless killers of the undead get knocked on their butts by the colors that blast their eyes, and the return of lost emotions that overwhelm their good sense. Their protective streak explodes and their about-to-be lifemate is faced with a man who is not only macho, alpha, dominant and arrogant - those protective instincts are in overdrive.  His woman must be protected at all costs and when she's not happy he considers it a personal failure. The guys are stymied by the fact that all the heroines are modern women who push right back and refuse to be the 'little woman at home'.  That's quite a learning curve for men who are usually a few hundred years old or older.

The reason Ms. Feehan's Carpathians are on my list is because of; HOW they claim their woman. It's sensual, sexy and there are fangs involved. The author makes it romantic because there are these ritual words that are said which encompass all what a woman can hope for in her man in real life. She is first in all things and her happiness is of major concern as well as her safety. Her hero can do no other than to love her above all others - she truly is the light of; his life. What's there not to like about that? There's a new Dark book coming out in 2018 and I can't wait!

My second choice is considered controversial by a lot of readers out there.

2) Laurell K. Hamilton

A lot of early fans think the first book, Guilty Pleasures published in 1993, through Obsidian Butterfly in 2000 were the best because they focused more on the drama, the dark side of paranormal crimes and Anita Blake's role as consultant to the paranormal police division. The macabre dance of romance between Anita, Jean Claude, (vampire) Master of the City, and Richard (Werewolf), really started to form from Lunatic Cafe on.

Once Narcissus in Chains was published in 2001 things took a dramatic turn. The elements for a complicated, convoluted and unconventional romance were introduced. It would take a while for the focus of the books to really turn from external plot conflicts to personal and in the process many early fans had a hard time adjusting to the new focus - Anita's love life. During the years after 2006 the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series turned to dark eroticism. Between vampires, werewolves, a select group of werecats (jaguar, tiger, panther) there's a lot of biting, claiming, marking and sexual dynamics that make up the strengthening romance between Anita and a few key characters.

Longstanding fans who've stuck with the series, and even fans of erotic romances, gobble up every novel Ms. Hamilton produces because we've been invested in Jean Claude's, Micah's and Nathan's love for Anita and her love for them for quite some time. Marking comes with some unusual side effects and I'm enjoying every chapter of their developing romance. Complication is Anita's middle name and I never know what Ms. Hamilton has in store for her intrepid heroine. I have to wait until August, 2018 to find out what's next.

3) Kerrelyn Sparks

Ms. Sparks is an author with a ginormous sense of humor who inserts her own fandom of certain genres into surprising moments within her novels. Since I share the same appreciation and sense of fun, her books have always entertained me on various levels. The heroes and heroines are usually always vampires so you know there is a lot of biting. There are Highland warriors, French fencing experts and other paranormal beings that kept the Love at Stake series fresh, funny and addicting. Well, Howard was a bit different but he was lovable, adorable and was one of my favorite heroes. The series completed with Crouching Tiger, Forbidden Vampire so new readers can binge-read to their hearts content. Ms. Sparks' books are and will continue to be, on my keeper shelf.

4) Lynsay Sands

Ms. Sands made my previous post of Saturday 7 as one author who made me laugh. Well, she makes me sigh and swoon with her Immortal heroes, descendants from Atlantis. Of course they feed like vampires but they eat food too. How Ms. Sands incorporates eating food in her romances is unique, clever and important. However, it's when the romantic protagonists bite their love-to-be that things get really hot, steamy and very, very sexy. Her 27th book in her Argeneau series is coming out in March and I can't wait. She's managed to keep the series fresh and surprising and lately she's discovered a whole new aspect to explore with a new kind of villain to defeat - readers are in for fun and exciting times ahead.

5) Lydia Dare & 6) Terry Spear

Both authors do what I affectionately refer to as "wolfie romances'. I adore them. When those hot sexy, hot heroes bite you, you're mated and it's forever. A guaranteed love is the stuff of dreams, wishes and fantasy but it's an idea that's successfully seductive and thrilling. It's all on how it comes about - the pursuit and the claiming. ::swoon::

What's really cool is that two of the books have a tagline on the front cover from Long and Short Reviews. How cool is that??? Where do you think I go to find book recommends? :)

Last but not least,
7) Dianne Duvall

This is an author that I've been avidly following for the past 5 years or so. Oh my gosh, this series is SO AMAZING! Yes, there is transformational biting within the novels of the Immortal Guardian series - 7 so far. Only heroines and heroes with a hidden element in their DNA can be turned. The why of it, the history, and the teasing possibilities, are still being slowly revealed.

Ms. Duvall has me completely captivated. She has yet to write a story that doesn't suck me in 100%. If you've never heard of her and you are a fan of paranormal romances, then take my word for it, you're in for a treat. Of course it's my opinion but I am such a fan that I want everyone to fall in love with them too. The more readers, the more likely the author's publisher will continue to be supportive in Ms. Duvall's writing. The oldest of the Immortals HAVE to get their HEAs!! The only drawback, not that I truly consider it as one, is that each consecutive story builds on one another. You won't care about Seth or Darnell unless you've read from the beginning. And I care - greatly.

There's drama, excitement, sword fights and an uber villain is just getting started causing major mayhem. When the heroes and heroines get together, their scenes are sexy, seductive and truly hot.

Love, love, love this series!!!

I hope you enjoyed my Saturday 7 with Bite. All these authors are on my keeper shelf, with good reason. Many I have as print or hardcover books but I'm also getting ebook backups. Also, they have the distinction of having a high re-readability factor. Many people have movies that they'll watch again and again. I have books.


Lydia Schoch said...

I had no idea you were a fan of Laurell K Hamilton! I read the first few books in the Anita Blake series ages ago, but I had no idea that the author was still writing them. How cool.

This is my Saturday Seven for this week. :)

Kathy said...

New authors for me and while I'd tell you this is not my genre...I would never ever say I wouldn't try something once. Think of the amount of good books that would have been missed. Never say never.

Really neat and pretty blog too.

Here's my Saturday Seven for today.

Marianne Arkins said...

I love Kerreyln Sparks and Lynsay Sands so much. They both have unique takes on the vampire genre, plus they're both fun, romantic and can be intense.

Some of those other authors are just too dark for me, but I do keep meaning to read Terry Spear...

Michele said...

Hi, Lydia!

Yep, I'm a LKH fan - even with all the changes. I really should re-read some of the early books and do a review or two. I don't think many have been done at all! And she's still huge! :)

I'll have to check out your list. Thanks for visiting!

Michele said...

Hi, Kathy!
Thank you for visiting and for the nice compliment about my blog.

There are SO many authors out there - if not for memes like this, I'd never find out about them. I'll go scoot over and visit you. :)

Michele said...

Hi, Marianne!

Ah, a kindred spirit! :) You have good taste. ;)

I hear you about the darkness, but if the love story is strong enough, positive enough and the good guys win? I'm in. :)

Long and Short Reviews said...

What a great list! I've heard of all of these authors, but have not read very many of them. I might have to remedy that :-)