Sunday, July 17, 2005

Eyes Crossed from Book Overload

Can you still read when your eyes cross because you just can't stop?????

Oh, I've been a Baaaad girl. So far, I've downloaded 9, count them, 9 ebooks and it was easier than I ever imagined. My very first is one I've hankered after for about 6 months. New computer = new options. Ever hear of Jaid Black? Well, once you read her, you don't forget.

My first ebook was the Empress' New Clothes.
From there, I had to get the other 7 stories related to the
Trek Mi Q'an universe. This was my first exposure to Erotica.
I liked it! And if you say "Oh, I'd NEVER read that!", well,
that's your choice, but don't knock it if you haven't tried it.
I think Ms. Black exhibits a wonderful talent for story telling, world building and sensual exploration. I mean, what relationship between man and woman in the real world only happens behind one closed door? Picture the three monkeys with their hands on their heads covering eyes, ears and mouth. Some in the industry seem to take that stance. For them, it means "See no sex, Hear no sex, Speak no sex" ..... um, reality check folks. Romance in cultures around the world differ from American romance. Some story lines that others on our planet take in stride, would probably shock the curls off an American and some that that WE think are shocking are....well, normal and quite possibly ....unexceptional...... Romance is a beautiful concept and I'm glad we have authors who explore all aspects and believe in it enough to share those dreams with us. I'm a reader...and I appreciate their efforts.

Another ebook I just read, Today in fact is Never a Sunset by
Annalee Blysse.
I believe it just came out today. I've already downloaded and read it. It is a short romance story with a hunky vampire as the male lead. I enjoyed the story and the chemistry between Michael and Victrina. I only wish it were longer because I really got into the story. Check it out!

These two, by Lucy Monroe I also read. I admit that when I first started reading Harlequins, I loved those Greeks. But as young as I was, I noticed that they always seemed way too mean to be a loving Alpha. Got kinda stressfull.

I really, REALLY liked
Lucy Monroe's version of not
only the Rich Greek Alpha Male, but the female lead too. She is no longer the weak, young, gullible TSTL heroine(?) of old. Am I ever grateful for that! Harlequins sure have come a long way!!! Let the choir sing! Thanks Lucy....

Last but not least is Adventures of an Ice Princess by Liz Maverick.
This was a fun story. Not what I expected due to the line on the mid left .. "She'd go to the ends of the earth to find love."
I thought the glimpse of Arctic living was a novel idea for a story and the three female characters worked well with and off each other. I think Liz's sense of humor is a riot and enjoy not only her books but her blog too. With that said..I must be frank. (really? I thought I was Michele....) I am of the mind set that requires a HEA. This book does not give me the one I was expecting. True, no one wants to be nor should they expect to write a "predictable". Freshness should be embraced and encouraged, but sometimes it jangles a reader when they are stuck in the "Great Romance Expectation." rut. That describes me, I guess. After reading all those other books prior that were chock full of HEA's , spice and great romantic titillation, Liz's book threw me for a loop! You just never know with Liz Maverick. Guess that's what makes her so good.

P.S. I am adding this in edit mode: Just took a look at Liz's blog. I wrote about this and her answer made a world of sense. Seems the "line" I referred to is called a "tag line"...(I love learning new things) and it was originally supposed to say, "When life hands you lemons, make frozen lemonade". No mention about true love at all!!!! That makes me feel so much better AND it was SO nice of her to answer. I told you I liked her blog! *goofy grin* Now that all is back in balance in the literary universe, I can end my day on a satisfied note. THANKS LIZ!!!


Shesawriter said...


I've never downloaded an erotica book. But I've been meaning to. I just keep putting it off for some reason. I think I'll try one sometime this week.


Michele said...

Sounds like a plan, Tanya!
Ellora's Cave is the best so far. Jaci Burton is a writer connected to the OOTB and she writes for Ellora's Cave. That's one of the reasons I felt comfortable ordering from there. Plus I'd asked Annalee Blysse about her experiences downloading from that site and the site her story is published at. Otherwise, I'd still be an a-hankering fool. I don't rush in...usually. So I understand about "putting it off".
Good luck with what ever title you choose...!

Angelle said...

I always wanted to read Lucy Monroe. She's such a sweet lady and very supportive of other writers. I just haven't been able to get her books economically in Japan. I'm glad you enjoyed her books though. I have to confess Harlequin Presents are my guilty pleasures. :)

Michele said...

Thanks for stopping by.
You're right, Lucy IS wonderful.
I blogged to her recently and she answered. Always a pleasure.
Gee, maybe you could blog Lucy and find out if any of her books have been turned into ebooks? It would sure get rid of the paper and shipping and handling costs. I originally looked into getting some of Jaid Blacks books in paperback but found the Shipping and handling from England ((where the price seemed lower than what was offered from USA sources)) to the USA to be harsh. The price seemed cheap enough until you started factoring in the S&H, so if that is your situation too, I empathize. Ebooks may make a pleasant difference for you.
Again, Thanks for visiting me,
Good luck and happy reading!

Annalee Blysse said...

Thank you so much! You made me smile today. :)

You know from reading my story that I wrote about the Arctic too. That's cause... I was born and raised in Alaska. So, seeing Liz Maverick's story caught my eye.

I've read a handful of Jaid Black's books, but haven't read The Empress' New Clothes. It definitely sounds like one I should read if it motivated you to get the series. I love futuristics too.

Michele said...

Hi Annalee!
You know, I WAS wondering if there was an Alaskan connection. The way you incorporated it into the story made for some interesting moments.
I've only read a few books so far that put their characters in Alaska, but yours is the only one that used it's unique seasons with a vampire. Sherrilyn Kenyon's "Dance with the Devil" with her character Zarek, is the only one I can think of who comes as close. He was stuck in Alaska for centuries.
Yours was more personable. *grin*
Good to hear from you!!!

Jill Monroe said...

I soooo have a Harlequin Presents thing going. I love them!

Michele said...

Wow, Jill!
Glad to meet another Harlequin Presents aficionado.
You know, you'd LOVE my library's book sale. They usually have a bag of 40 Harlequins for $1.00.
I didn't buy any at the spring sale... but I plan to in the fall. It's a good "winter" thing to do; warm and toasty from the wood stove, cozied up in a fluffy chair with a hot mulled cider and a HP to read...can't you just picture it????

Shesawriter said...


You asked about me blogging you. I included your blog page in one of my posts. The link was to your picture finale which was funny as heck. Loved it.