Sunday, July 31, 2005

Has Anyone Ever Asked These Questions??

I was visiting a Romance discussion group and during one of my answers came this thought:

A common vehicle of description in romance books lately refers to the "taste of the heroine's skin".

Ever read:
Tasted: like Fine Cream
Dew kissed roses
chocolate covered cherries

I ask you....when did we become "flavored"?
Sweat is salty. I've never heard of these, have you? She tasted as good as : Salty Honey? Chocolate covered Plums? As tart as Sauerkraut? As sharp as Cheddar Cheese? As elastic/pliable as Bubblicious? As smooth as Cottage Cheese? As juicey as a Georgia Peach??

What do you remember as the worst food comparison in a romance????

Seriously though,

Who came up with these descriptives? Why do they work?
Why do authors of Romance Books continue to use them?
What value to they provide? (obviously not nutritional value *grin*)

Next question: If you agree with their use...why?

For me, well, I guess the flavor I'd want to be is the favorite flavor of the intended "taster" ..... isn't that what a good romance heroine should say?

What do YOU say???


Anonymous said...

Hi Cousin,
Well, first of all YES and its usually in reference to ...ahem, her lower private a split, ripe, and juicey peach....

What are they doing to her regular skin that she has a taste? Dripping chocolate over her nips?

I have heard of fine cream, and dew kissed roses...all in reference to the above. But smooth as cottage cheese? Thats an oxymoron....does she have a yeast infection?

spicey, honeyed whatever too.

chocolate is a new one!
How about she tastes like chocochip cookies right out of the oven?? Can I have that one?? hahahahaha

This has been a free sex lesson for today!

Anonymous said...

and I supose its food references cuz we ...ahem again, refer to IT as we not?

Michele said...

You are TOO much!
I've read food descriptives when referring to the "top two" too. I think I've also seen them referred to as cinnamon capped sweetness or some such things.
Cinnamon w/o sugar is just plain "ick".
Thanks for visiting!

Annalee Blysse said...

I normally like it when writers want to provide a more sensual experience and bring up tastes/smells. No cheese though! LOL. I remember going "ooooo" recently over beer. I don't really appreciate beer to begin with. Maybe the heroine was sloshed.

Michele said...

A sloshed heroine? LOL!!!!
I hear you on the "cheese" *grin*
Yes, the descriptives do enhance and I like them. Usually.
It was just something that piqued my curiousity meter...
Cheers!! :-)

none said...