Thursday, July 07, 2005

I went to the Vermont RenFest

Fourth of July Weekend was a great adventure for me as I went to my very first Renaissance Festival in Vermont. I've been hearing about how much fun they were, and I was thrilled to find one so close to home . I promised to share some pictures that I took and here they are!!!!!

This is Ulric. Our Knight we were cheering on. He is charging with sword drawn towards his opponent- the cursed Irish Knight-Paddy *grin*
Loved the jokes they threw back and forth..example...Ulric called him a 'Crabby Paddy" hahahaha!

Paddy knocked Ulric off his horse, and he was Down!! Gustaf, Ulric's second, takes up the sword to defend his knight against Paddy's second. How exciting! Unfortunately, we were on the losing side. Although Ulric was handsome, Paddy- the Irish Knight was the better fighter.

Oh, how we laughed at this. The Great UnWashed!! They were a trio of story tellers who warped the fairy tales that we know and love with halarious results. Pictured here, they were piling mud onto her head to serve as a hat. Watch out though! Sit in the first to third rows and the mud gets you. How do I know? I watched in awe as the guy on the right did a backflip into the mud. When he hit, DUCK!!! INCOMING!!!! But you know I didn't.....splat....Kids, do they ever grow up??? *LOL*

Ah, the juggler extraordinaire ! Here, he is pictured balancing on the ball right before he instructed the gentlelad and gentleladies to throw the lit torches his way. He juggled with aplomb all 3 flaming sticks and never missed a beat. He was amazing. Earlier, he also "ate" flames. When asked how they tasted? "Like chicken.........really, really BURNT chicken!".....too funny!

Ah, here is our flamboyant swordsman. He demonstrated the use of a very LONG sword that was used against Pikes in warfare. What a great show. It was called, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly...guess which one he was! *giggle* There were 3 guys but this is the best picture I was able to get. *sigh*, one of the other noblemen was such a cutie, too.
I'm glad this one sort of came out though, his hat is priceless!

I tried to pick the pictures that captured the fun of the events we went to. I should have taken more of the wenches and other people garbed in all their finery. I was a little overwhelmed. I can't wait to go back next year!!!
I also would like to mention that I tried 2 new foods. One, a Pizza Pretzel- very yummy surprise when you bit into it. Second, authentic Scottish Meat Pies - very different than anything I've ever tasted.
I want to take this moment to publicly thank author Rebecca York for her assistance. She is not only a wonderful romance author, but an author of cook books as well. I wrote to her for help in searching out a recipe for Scottish Meat Pies and she came through!!!! I am so excited! I hope to attempt this new recipe very soon.
Thanks Rebecca!!!!!!!

And, Thank YOU, for visiting my blog today. Toodles!


Anonymous said...

Ooh Michele. It looks like it was so much fun :) Thanks for sharing the cool pictures.

I answered on my blog but I'll do it here too... Jessie is TOTALLY sure she'd like to give you the book :)

Anonymous said...

Hello and yes the pictures are good. Can't tell from the picture what the sword guy looked like at all. He could look like Elvis and I wouldn't be able to tell from the pic cause its so dark! Costumes look good though from what I could see. Looks like a one of those "Take Down" Refests that I have heard about, as opposed to permanent buildings.

Jill said...

Loved the pics. Haven't been to a fair in a long time, and you brought it all back to me...

Michele said...

Thanks for visiting, Jill! Hope it inspires you to take in a Renfest yourself sometime soon. There's nothing like those manly jousters, *grin*.