Friday, July 15, 2005

The Final Countdown - LOL

It has been a lot fun sharing pictures with you these past few blogs. I'm almost sad to see it end...... but end it must, as all good things do.

Before the big finale ... I'd like to make a comment about ebooks. Before my computer up and sizzled into oblivion, I would visit Ellora's Cave and read the first chapters on the Trek Mi Q'an series. Oh, how I wanted to visit those worlds that Jaid Black created. I had to be content with being teased..... and if you've ever read any(posted 1st chapters), you know Tease is with a capital T.

Now that I have a NEW computer with new everything ... I also have a NEW addiction. Ebooks. Yes, I downloaded 6 of Jaid Blacks Trek Mi Q'an books and I couldn't be happier....... OK, I could be ... like if I had my OWN warrior .... but that not being the case, I have to say the wait was worth it. I wrote ( Gosh! seems like ages ago when I first started blogging) that I was looking into purchasing an ereader. I've decided until the price goes down and the screens a tad bigger, reading them on a computer is just fine. Originally I cringed at the thought that I couldn't curl up with a pillow and a book on the bed. Worried that I'd feel bereft if I couldn't take a book with me to pass the time in waiting rooms for whatever appointment I had. Feeling cheated when I couldn't hide anymore from the tykes in the bathroom with said "good book" for a mental break at a trying moment... Ever do that??? I was curious as to how it would feel on the ol' eyeballs and you know, it is not that bad. I'm not sure if it has something to do with a 17" monitor or the large print, but I've been enjoying myself so much the past 2 days, (I've read 4 of the books already!!!) that it wasn't until today that I remembered I needed to post the last of the 13 REASONS NOT TO DRINK - ESPECIALLY WITH FRIENDS!!!

To paraphrase something on her site: When Reading Jaid Black, you Forget to go Back!!!! HaHa..... but I'm here now to take up the slack and That's a Fact Jack!!! (ok, ok, enoughs' enough..*giggle*)

Without further blabbing and ado: SMILE !!!!

Y'know, there's relaxed and then there's the art of Oblivious .

Man's best friend???
I think he should stick to plastic blow-up dolls, don't you? OUCH!

How many bottles can you count in this picture???

Did you notice the lonely coffee cup?

Enough said !!!

The Best Reason NOT to Drink-You wind up as the
BUTT of many a joke.

THE END folks!!!!!


phsymom said...

OK, I absolutely love Jaid Black! So I say Welcome, welcome to another ebook/Jaid convert .... Waughahahaha

Shesawriter said...

ROFLMAO! These were priceless, Michele. Loved them!


Michele said...

Thanks! phsymom...gee didn't I just hear from you at LJ? Glad to see you here too! I missed Jaid's interview on TV, I hope you at least got to see it! Who's your favorite warrior? Mine so far is Rem....although Jana's new beau is a new twist...I still have 3 more books to read..Yum!

Tanya! So glad you had a good laugh with these. I really, REALLY wish I had more. *sigh* If I get more in the future, you can rest assured I'll share them here.

Shesawriter said...

BTW, Michele, I blogged you yesterday. :-)


phsymom said...

Yep, I think you did ... LOL!

I am so absolutely horrible with names; but so far my favorite is the second one ... Dak? The one that was this terrific warrior, but unsure of himself and his mate stands up for him ... yep, that one.

I don't want to spoil any of the last three books; so let me say that I'm very interested in what happens to the warrior (with the tattoo) and his mate!

Good Reading!


Michele said...

Tatoo? Tatoo? What did I do, lose a brain cell? I've read them all now and I can't recall a tatoo. Gee, shucks, looks like I'm going to have to read the last 3 again..oh Joy.. I liked Devilish Dot though. Oh, those Yenni are batteries needed....*blush*