Tuesday, July 12, 2005

More Reasons NOT to Drink!!!!

I promised more of those pictures that support the advice DO NOT DRINK, EVEN WITH FRIENDS...... and as you saw from yesterday......Definitely not with friends.....WooHoo!

Ready to excercise your smile muscles again?

I'd like to know....How did they get him up there to begin with??!!!! How long did he have to stay there until they got him down??? And I really , really hope he didn't have too many bottles of beer before being caught like a fly rolled into a big, big roll of fly paper......Oy..is that the sprinkler system turning on..........? *giggle*

See the guy reading the book in the upper left? What is he doing? Could it be intermission? Is he waiting for the star attraction to finally wake up???? He looks like a Halloween toilet paper party gone bad.

This one is going to have really, REALLY clear sinuses when woken up...ya think?
I don't think the ol' nose is gonna work for awhile....how about you?

I forsee a lot of bumps and bruises when this Sleeping Beauty wakes up. Ouch!

So, far I'm convinced that drinking to the point of senselessness is NOT the way to go. Tune in to the next blog where I hope I've saved the best for last. If these haven't convinced you to tame your imbibing temptations.....you ain't seen NOTHING yet!!!
Same blog time, same blog channel...*snicker*


Anonymous said...

}:) hehehehe.

Shesawriter said...



Michele said...

Aha! Tanya and Bonnie, It sounds like your smile muscles are getting quite a work out!
Glad to see.
Tanya, these come from an email a friend sent to me. 13 picutures were included. The last will be posted soon. I wish I could locate more because they are a hoot! Usually things I get sent have been around for awhile, so I'm pleased to have shown you these first...*grn*..another friend sent me a strip tease email which almost had me spewing onto my computer, I guffawed so hard...I tried to paste it here too, but It wouldn't let me..its a shame, until the ultimate tease, the hottie shown was awesome!!!! I guess that one is pure email accessible. *sigh* I bet ya'll would've liked it.
Anyway, stay tuned for the final pics either tonight or tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by!

Rebecca York said...

I love your blog. Are these and the pictures below for real? I mean--not posed?

Shesawriter said...


Keep them coming because I'm loving this. I can always count on a laugh when I visit your blog. That's why I keep coming back. This stuff is hilarious.


Michele said...

Thanks Tanya! Whenever I can post the funnies I get sent, I try to see if I can put them here...some are just too good not to; case in point" Reasons not to Drink".
I had a LOT more saved, but they are stuck on my old computer that fried...*sigh* so much lost.....
Ruth/Rebecca....Honestly? I can't say. I'd like to think they were not posed....some of the "poses" you'd never, EVER get me to do unless I was so sauced as to be totally incapacitated and oblivious. Kind of like those pictured. Do you think its really bad of me that I find them funnier if they were authentic.....???? The ones next coming up...I would NEVER pose for...*grin*

Peter said...

Funny Stuff. I'm now afraid to drink! Cheers!

Michele said...

Cheers back at ya!