Saturday, January 06, 2007


Do you feel chatty today?

I do.

Went to see Night at the Museum today. EVERYONE loved it. I picked a winner for the whole family. Brandy had said it was good, Wow! She wasn't kidding. There were so many inspired moments of halarity, that when it comes out on DVD, it's getting added.

Never, Ever, Never Ever look up Chupacabra on Wikipedia no matter HOW much your child begs you to. Even if the badgering lasts for over an hour and a half, RESIST!!
Do not let them see the picture, read the fact that they've been seen all the way up into MAINE and that they suck blood. A word to the wise. Don't Do it!!!!

Advice - take down your Live Christmas Tree Before it drys out. LONG before it dries out. It's like playing with a prickly hedgehog when you are trying to get off all the ornaments that you convenienlty stuck Waaay inside so as to pick up all the pretty sparkling lights in and around the tree. Because, when you wait Too long, the branches droop down, get really stiff and horribly prickly/scratchy and make you regret that moment of "genius" when you decorated. Dried up branches do NOT release their treasures lightly, let me tell you. I have the rashes on my arms to prove it!

Finally, has ANYONE else had the priveldge of having been sent via email - and has viewed (numerous times), the pictures of the naked and painted cyclists?
I mean, HOW COME THIS NEVER MAKES THE NEWS CASTS?? Oh yeah, the "naked" part might be the reason.
Even the guy's dangly bits are painted pretty colors. I liked the blue and purple dangly, except, truthfully, no one actually dangled. They were cute "little" things. *wicked giggle* Piggies in a blanket?
The women look more artistic - like the naked pregnant lady with the giant sunflower painted on her very pregnant belly.

Well? Have you been sent it yet? Your eyes can't be the same again once you have. I mean, who does these things?

It was mobbed!
This Had to have been an event in California. Where else is it that warm that you can cycle naked and not become a giant goosebump?

Gee, maybe in New England this winter? It reached 70 degrees today. Is this nuts or what?
LOL. So much for the Farmer's Almanac.


Brandy said...

It was pretty warm here today as well. And NO I haven't seen the pictures.
I TOLD you Night at The Museum was a good movie, we're going to add it to our movies collection as well wehn it comes out. As for the Chubacabra thing, you mean to say you've never seen the X-Files episode on that?
I hear you on the tree issue. I love my live tree every year, but usually only have it up for 2 weeks max., this year Son wanted it early, so up one went, that dried out and wept needles all over my floor. It came down the friday before New Years Eve. I just couldn't take the needles any more!

Dru said...

We got up to 72 today. Where is my winter snow? No, I haven't seen this email. Do I really want to?

I hope to see Night at the Museums soon. I hear such good things about it.

Betty S said...

It was bonechilling here and I live just north of Texas.

Michele said...

Hi, Brandy!
X-files did a Chubacabra episode? Cool - but I missed that one. Actually, once they switched airing from Friday night to Sunday, I kind of stopped watching. So there are many I've never seen. *grin* you haven't seen the "pictures"? LOL, I could send them ... really, they are eye-poppers!

Dru! Thanks for stopping by! 72? Whoa, you beat us! Guess the sun was out where you are. I hear you on the "where's the snow" ... I've been wondering about that for a month now. It's just not natural to see kids on skateboards wearing shorts on January 6th!
As far as the email .. well, it's great for laughs!
And some of the body paint art work was ... really inspired.

I hope you get to see the movie soon. I think you'll like it.

Betty ! Hey, haven't seen you 'round in awhile. Thank you for stopping by!
Near Texas was CHILLY? That doesn't seem right. I always equate your area with warmth. I'd love to send you some sunny temps from up over here - and we'll take a side order of Colorado weather too.
I heard that they've got 40" so far in one part of the state, near Denver and another storm is predicted for later this coming week!
Those poor people and the farm animals.
The weather sure is whacked lately.

Hope you get warmer soon, Betty.

Bonnie Ferguson said...

It's definitely nuts, Michele. It's spring weather, not what you'd expect in January {:0

Daisy Dexter Dobbs said...

I REALLY want to see that Night at the Museum movie, Michele. I've heard so many good things about it and loved the trailers.

As for too old, too crisp Christmas trees, I hear ya! Yeeeikes--I remember back several years ago when we let ours get too dry and when my husband and I took it down and out of the house we were left with a gazillion little red pin-prick holes all over our bodies. We looked ridiculous and it hurt like hell! We bought an artificial tree right after that. LOL

Cindy said...

Waving to you like mad!!!....I'm surfacing for air! Happy New Year....

Cindy Nord

Annalee Blysse said...

I really enjoyed Night at the Museum too. I went to see it with my brother and sister-in-law when they were visiting for holidays. The brother hated it. I can't see why!

Michele said...

I hear you, Bonnie. You're WAAAY up North and I still can't believe how warm even you have it. Now, I'm hearing about El Nino - what took them so long to blame it on that I wonder. :-)

Daisy! Aw, but Daisy, artificial just doesn't have the crisp pine smell! I'd miss that. I can really relate to the pin-prick holes all over , LOL That's where my rash came from. Ahh, the memories we make ;-)

Cindy! Oh Wow! Thanks for stopping by. You are Such a busy lady! Surface for air more often, lady! I enjoy hearing how your writing is coming along. :-)

Annalee! See? See! It IS a good movie. Maybe your brother wanted more battle scenes between the Romans and the cowboys? *gg*
I wonder why he didn't? One of life's little mysteries ...brothers. *wink*
Nice to see you, Annalee.

Michele said...

Oh, and Cindy... I called you "lady" twice - must have that STYX song in my head. "Lady", it's one of my favorites.
Next to Hannah and Renegade - I waffle on Mr. Roboto.


M.E Ellis said...

You're nuts!


Michele said...

Hey there, M.E>! How's it bein' a new Grandma?!!

And yep, I'm a nutter *wink*

Meenal Mehta said...

Hey Michelle

i was delighted to hear back from you..yeah I have been busy with some other have you been?

have a wonderful and happy new yr