Sunday, January 14, 2007

Men in Suits

This is geared towards the ladies who visit.

There is something about a man in a suit that captures our attention and our imagination.
What is it about a suit? What does it do to a man that makes us take a second or even a third look as we pass them on the street, in a restaurant, office building or the ever popular wedding environment?

Maybe it's the lure of being the one to unravel that perfectly tied tie? To open the jacket, slip our hands in and find out what such fine cloth is hiding? Why do we trust a man with a suit versus one in low slung jeans? A man in a suit is just as likely to run a scam against you as the rebel searching for a clue.

So, I went A-Googling. Haven't done that in awhile. I found some men in suits that just about had me sighing in appreciation. I am no closer to the answer of "WHY", I only know that it does.

Look at these pictures and tell me why YOU think men in suits are hot.

Um, and perhaps even, why NOT. *gg*

See? Even way back then, a man was a man when he donned that suit and tie.
How serious he is.
How intense.
How commanding.

and handsome, can I say Handsome?

Ah, yes. the Fitting.
Not too sure exactly what type of suit this is, or from what country. It can't be in America.
England perhaps? Italy?

Either way, it's a very sophisticated picture.

The collar is strange, but the profile of the fitee is delish.

Oooh, yeah baby... the ultimate in macho suits is last. You cannot look me in the cyber-eye and tell me that these gentlemen aren't , what's the latest term? , The Bomb, in these chic duds.

I give you the Men in Suits that set the standard:

So, this is the end of my journey. Yes, there were other choices. These guys are the cream of the crop. Mostly. Can't get over wearing a gallon hat with a suit. *gg*


Brandy said...

Ahhhh, I do love my man in a suit. I am droling over that picture you have at the end!!
As for a suits appeal, well, it could be we equate a suit with power.

Dru said...

A suit lets your imagination run wild with what hard body is hiding behind it. Brandy is right...the power behind them too. Oh la la...Always loved Pierce Brosnan.

Michele said...

Dru! Another Pierce fan? **waves madly**

Brandy, Hi! Glad you liked the last pic too.

You both have hit a serious possibility - power. And Dru? The body... yep ... So, if we were to take the two possibilities and merge them,
We are thinking of taking that powerfully hard body in the power suit filled with power and have his use his intense hard bodily power as he fills our body...oh,um...guess I'm reading too many erotic romances.

Dru said...

I love your style of merging...hmmm, all the possibilities.

Michele said...

Thanks, Dru!

Bailey Stewart said...

Mystery, power, sophistication, the list is endless. Yep, love Brosnan. Although I think I prefer a man in low-slung jeans.

Isabella Snow said...

Love men in suits!

But.. *sniff*... whydja leave Daniel Craig out of your Bond list?? He's quite yumm in a suit too!

DC in a suit!

Course, I'd prefer him *out* of the suit, meself.. lol..

Isabella Snow said...

Hmm.. that link didnt work, did it. Whoops.

Oh well.. you can copy and paste the jpg url and see his yummy self that way, too!

Michele said...

HI! Isabella! Welcome and happy to see you here.
As for Daniel Craig, he didn't come up when I Googled. So it wasn't intentional. I looked up the pic...hmmm, I would have posted him for sure if I'd found that originally. He does clean up well doesn't he? LOL

Thanks for bringing him to my attention. ;-)

Bailey!! LOL @ the low slung jeans... **gg** you got a "hip" on the Tire. Close enough? *wink*
I'm gratified to see so many Brosnan fans. Woot!!