Thursday, January 11, 2007

A Book Blog Post without Pictures


May the Blogger techs have hairy Cyber-fleas and power spikes on the ol' whazoo until they correct the glitches!!
Sorry, that's the best curse I can do right now, LOL.

Why am I griping instead of talking about a great new author?

I can't upload pictures. Says Error on page - dang it! It affects both my blogs - so no pictures until Bloody Blogger gets its act together.

I told you I'd do a honorable mention of the new author I discovered who writes about vampires in a way that has grabbed my interst and held it captive. He's written other books, but I'm a vampire book junky - sort of. Not Goth or anything, just like the mythical possibilities ....



How did I find him? Strange story, that. I was at the library (where else?) and the librarian says to me,
"You read a lot of vampire fiction, don't you?"
-- "Uh, yeah, I do ..."
"Well, see that guy over there? He's looking for recommendations. Think you could talk to him?

So, she called him over and we proceed to discuss Laurell K. Hamilton and L.A. Banks - I figured that they were the grittiest I knew of - I mean, I was referring books to a guy and what guy wants to read vampire ROMANCE? I was trying to "think like a guy" ( lost cause *wink*) and I'm not sure how influential I was but he recommeded to ME, Already Dead. He actually went and got it for me, which I thought was really nice. I checked the book out, read it and was "Wowed".

Like I said, Mr. Huston's first vampire book is, Already Dead.
Wanna see what Mr. Huston Looks like? Click HERE

Interested in reading the Booklist Reviews 2005 August #1 ? Click (BOOKLIST)

I just picked up his latest - No Dominion. The Review is HERE

I haven't read it yet, but I can't wait.

I enjoyed this different (for me) take on vampires. Not sure if there will Ever be a romance between Joe and his ..... female interest but you know what? It's not necessary. (Well, I'm an HEA junkie too, so I like the 'anticipation' of the possibility *grin*)
The plot, the characters and the journey are entertaining enough which means that I'm not missing the emotional romantic roller coaster. Maybe in time, Joe might get a little gritty in the sleeping quarters but only Charlie Huston knows. Until then, I'm enjoying watching Joe and the things that get thrust upon him.

I say! If you like Jim Butcher's Harry Dresden, you might really like Charlie Huston's Joe Pitt too. Really!

Dang, I miss posting pictures of the book covers.

Be that as it may, please make me feel better, humor me and click a link or two.

Better yet, give the book(s) a whirl!

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Brandy said...

I might give the book a look. Um, I don't really usually like books written by men. I find their point of view WAY different than a woman.