Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Dueling Oldies and Theme Songs

I can't believe I'm thinking of doing this.

I already went this route with Bailey.

Dueling musicals.

I think we bandied back and forth our knowledge of the lyrics to songs from Finian's Rainbow and Paint Your Wagon. Did we do the Sound of Music too? I don't remember.

What I DO remember is what a hoot it was.

The old show tunes are songs that stick with you and in various times in your life, you find yourself humming them. They drag you back into a point in your life that usually is pleasant. Most music is equated with positive things .... if your old EX was a jerk - the break up song was still positive - you escaped with your pride intact, right?

I cannot relate because the only guy I was actually ever serious about and who had the power to affect me is the guy I married. So, music for me is all good.

Everyone has music for the themes in their life:

Music to drive by -
music by Hair is good, Austin Powers *gg*, The old TV themes are great too , Magnum PI comes to mind, Starsky and Hutch, Hawaii 5-O , SWAT, Mod Squad - man those bring back memories, .

Inspirational -
Sound of Music, Paint your Wagon, The King and I, Meet me in St. Louis, Wizard of Oz, Xanadu, Oklahoma

Goofy -
Thoroughly Modern Millie, Finian's Rainbow, Singing in the Rain, Wizard of Oz

So, along the lines of music being a fun thing in your life, I thought of doing a crazy thing.

I Challenge you to name some song titles to match these headings:

Mine are:

The strangest name of a song?
Nee Nee Na Na Na Na Nu Na (1958)

The worst song to drive by?

The cutest song about something horrible?
The Blob

Songs about clothes ?
Short Shorts and Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dotted Bikini

The stupidiest tragic love song?
Leader of the Laudromat.

Most confusing song title?
25 or 6 to 4

Worst song about eating?

Song most likely to convince you to do the wrong thing?
Let's go all the way

Best Geek line in a song?
Good Golly Miss Molly

Best advice in a swamp?
See you later, Alligator

Best song when you have ants in your pants?
The hippy hippy shake

The song sung after a virgin's wedding night?
Love Hurts

Song to sing after closing down a bar?
Double Vision

Theme song for Turtle sex?
Slow Ride

Want to contribute any?? Different criteria or answers?
I'm all ears.


Brandy said...

Fun! Not sure how many I'd be able to do! Where would you put "One-eyed, One-horned Flying Purple People Eater"? Or "Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down" or "Chewing Gum on the bedpost". (I know all these because I love Mary Poppins and the others from my Mom and Dad.)

Dru said...

Best song after a divorce?
I Will Survive.

Most happy sweet song?
The Candy Man

The song sung after a virgin's wedding night?
Sexual Healing

Song sung to when starting a new relationship?
Don't Go Breaking My Heart

Dance song that you don't understand the words?

Song that makes you feel all gooey
Can You Feel The Love Tonight

Michele said...

The Purple People Eater goes under Songs of Gross Edible Things

The spoon full of sugar could be
Favorite songs of Super Nanny

Chewing gum on the bed post could be,
Songs for Playing with your food.

How's that Brandy??? Thanks for playing!!

Michele said...

Dru! These are INSPIRED!! LOLOL!!

As soon as I saw your "Macarena" song criteria, I said, "PERFECT!" because you are absolutely right.

Thanks for playing!

Jill Monroe said...

Okay, will take a stab at a few of these : ) BTW, I love Xanadu and Oklahoma, too! Be prepared to see a lot of Oklahoma this year - 100 years old!

The strangest name of a song?

She Blinded Me With Science (I ADORE this song)

Worst song about eating?

Eat It (Weird Al)

Song most likely to convince you to do the wrong thing?

Sin Wagon

Bailey Stewart said...

Okay, I've only had one cup of coffee and I haven't been up long - so I'll come back to this. You've been warned. *gg*

Bailey Stewart said...

Strangest Name for a song:
My Ding-aling
Worst song to drive by:
Deadman's Curve
Cutest Song about something horrible:
Muskrat Love
Songs About Clothes:
Devil With the Blue Dress On
Most Tragic Love Song:
Running Bear
Weirdest Lyric:
Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang, walla walla bing bang
The Song After a Virgin's Wedding Night:
Is That All There Is?

Michele said...

Jill! You came to play!

Adore your choices, especially Eat it! , In fact, I have on order from my library the Weird Al compilation of his famous song paradies and Eat It! is included. *gg* Can't wait!


Wow, Baiely! Amazing what extra cups of coffee can do, LOL.

ROTFL!! An inspired list to be sure. Oh my goodness, "Is That All There Is?" had me sniggering and my DH actually LOL'd!
I remember Running Bear.. used to bring tears to my eyes. And my DH ROTFL with Muskrat Love...WHAT was the Capt and Tenille THINKING when they made that song? *snort*

My goodness, this is the most fun I've had on my blog in quite some time!

*grin* :)

Thanks everyone for some truly creative fun!

Is it OK to post these as a main blog post? They are so good, they should be SEEN!
With credit going to the author of course. :)

Dru said...

sure, not a problem

Mailyn said...

LOve, love loooooove The King and I!!! Just had to say that. LOL.

Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Hehehehe.

Bailey Stewart said...

Go ahead and post them. Glad you liked my choices.

I've been singing ooo ee, ooo ah ah ... all day long now. *sigh*

Michele said...

I'll do that after I post my book monologue, LOL
Thanks for the permission!