Monday, January 22, 2007

Scary Movies - seen any lately?


Bonnie Ferguson said...

I don't watch that many scary movies {:0

Michele said...

Tell you the truth, neither do I, Bonnie. These are all oldies but goodies.
Well, except for that Cat Guy. I saw that and said, "That's a nightmare in and of itself!"
So I posted it.
I was going to use it for a Halloween post, but I forgot.

I wonder if anyone can name the movies most of these pics came from? LOL

Thanks for stopping by, Bonnie!

Dru said...


I know that Bionic Man with Bigfoot, one is the Giant Spider Invasion and Godzilla and gamera (I'm guessing for that one)

Annalee Blysse said...

Those poor chickens. That would be scary. LOL.

Michele said...

Good going, Dru!! You're right. However, I think the monster with our Bud, Godzilla is someone/thing else, I think Gamera was the flying Turtle. LOL

The Day of the Triffids was excellent! It is about a meteor shower that not only blinds anyone who watched it, but germinates the seeds of man eating plants that were already on the Earth. The race is on the find what will kill the hordes of plants hunting man before man is eaten off the face of the earth. Great flick!

The Other, is 5 Million Years to Earth. During excavations in London, an ancient alien space craft was uncovered that is not only demonically possessed still but they were little cockroaches from outer space whose essence lives on in the evil space ship. Really cheap effects but a great story idea. It's one of my cheesy favorites!!!

Annalee! LOL, I thought it was hysterical when I first saw it. When I was inspired to do this pictorial post ... I knew where to put it. *grin* So wonderful to see you!!!

The funny thing? My little guy used to LOVE watching the chickens go round and round on the spit at the grocery store. He thought it was a "great movie!" LOLOLOL

How much does fiction mirror life. *giggle*

Brandy said...

Sorry, don't watch too many horror movies. I can't even get through a full episode of Supernatural without jumping up to do something.

M.E Ellis said...


Ner ner.

Spider didn't scare me that time!