Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The D.D.D.

Dynamic Dentist Duo

What a potential nightmare!

Ever see Little Shop of Horrors?

I met a fan. She's a dentist. She was in my mouth. I am recovering.

Ever hear of or see Abbott and Costello?

Costello was the chubby, bubbly, endearingly clumsy one.

Abbott was the dry, serious, action guy of the pair with a low dose of humor.

Combine Abbott and Costello with the dentist ( & throw in an assistant) from The Little Shop of Horrors and you have my experience yesterday when I had my temporary filling put in.

The side of my mouth is healing. My mind is awhirl. I think I may need a new dentist.

You want to know another thing? She is paranoid.

I must have looked at her funny, I guess, because she shouted at me,

"What?!! Why are you looking at me like that? What's going on?!"

"Um, I was just trying to figure out if that floating fish was, you know, a soda bottle because, um, it kinda looks like it was one at one time." (said fish was hung from the ceiling)

I got silence from the dentist, however the chirpy assistant says:

"Oh! Don't you just LOVE it?? I got that from this nice lady who recycles them and it's SUCH a pretty color and it's really amazing how they cut it and its incredible that they were able to do such creative ... yada yada yada...."

Can we say "Overcompensate"?

I am really thinkin' I need a new dentist.

If I wanted a comedy team from the Twilight Zone, I'd go to the movies.


Lyn Cash said...

ugh UGH - hate anything inside my mouth that I don't put there - lol.

Quite an interesting tale, though, and I'm still puzzled over the fish.

Dru said...

Sorry your dental experience was not a good one. Fish, hanging from the celing, recycle..interesting.

Brandy said...

You SO need a new dentist. Paranoid, delusional and dentist are not words that should go together.

Michele said...

Lyn and Dru, You are cracking me up!
Amazing how you both fixated on the fish. LOLOL!!!!!

Gee, Lyn, now your first comment, I have to say .... um... *blush*, OK, I have a naughty mind right now... I'll be good and not say anything. *giggle*
Thanks for visiting!!

Dru - it was an experience for sure. My dad HATES her ... so I'm not sure what to do. I've been goin to this place since I was a little girl. But the guy is ailing and if I'm stuck with her... well, I just might have to be adult and get my own .
Weird feeling!

Brandy, you think?? LOLOL
Yep, you could be more than right.
Nice to see you!
What, no mention of the fish?