Wednesday, March 21, 2007


You will NEVER believe this!

I overheard my youngest saying proudly to my DH,

"I can spell a naughty word."


Pride strengthened his young voice.

"Yep. S.H.I.T."

This mom's response. "EEEEKK!!!!"




Brandy said...

Soooooooo, fess up! Who taught him? *g*

Michele said...

Brandy!!!!!!! You nut.

The BUS is where kids learn the "good stuff".
(rolls eyes)

Fortunately, my kids know enough NOT to speak them in the house. They'd better not or they'll be enjoying the taste of Joy or Dawn or Palmolive, whatever I have on tap.
My and my DH refrain from obsceneties in the by example, you know?
That includes driving. LOL

Brandy said...

If you can drive without cussin' then you're definitley a better woman than me! (However, I make sure to mumble.)

Michele said...

LOL, Or I cuss when I'm alone. Even words the DH frowns on.
Thank goodness cars can't talk!

There are great words to use when the kids are in the car, you know, like , Moron, Jerk, Turd, Idiot, Peabrain, stupid, piece of crap ... they work.