Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Jan and Dean Moment

A blast from the past

Remember the Jan and Dean song, Little Old Lady from Pasadena?

I passed one of her petite gray haired relatives yesterday. She was driving a compact car whose back window was strewn and decorated with cute and cuddly stuffed kittens (with bows mind you), a lamb and a puppy or two.

No, I didn't have any trouble passing her. She had already been pulled over by a state trooper for SPEEDING .


Go, Granny, Go!


Brandy said...

At least she was going ABOVE the speed limit. I got behind a lavender haired older woman the other day who was going 45 on the interstate!! Needless to say, I passed her!

Mailyn said...


Michele said...

I feel for you Brandy! That usually happens to me trying to get to work. What's worse, there are no passing zones for at least 10 miles!

Mailyn!! Hey there lady! Glad you stopped by for a chuckle. :-)

Bailey Stewart said...

Where'd you get that picture of my grandmother? *gg*

DAV said...

I find that picture oddly arousing...

Kristen Painter said...

Man, I wish the retiree's around here would pick up the pace.

Michele said...

Bailey!! *snicker* And do you want to be like her when you grow up??? LOLOL
Dav! Hey there, thanks for stopping by!!
But, Um ..."oddly arousing"?... I have to wonder about you ...just how OLD are you anyway? *grin*
Thanks for the smile. :-)

LOL! OH yea, Kristen, I have often had the same lament. I believe that lady was the exception to a very vast rule which hardly anyone seems to break. *groan*
Thanks for stopping by!