Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The People Side of PBR

As promised in the previous post, I am going to share some observations of the crowd that night.

The biggie that I observed is the abundance of .... Beer.

Oh yeah, the yellow liquid was flowing by the cup and the long neck. I was astounded that people would not only pay their admission and parking fees but were willing to fork over oodles of moula to drink themselves into oblivion. Six Dollars per bottle. $6 !!

Can't you get a whole six pack for $12?? Not that I know these things, I hate beer.
Gives me the willies and shivers as it bubbles past my tastebuds.
Give me a Long Island Ice Tea or Sex On The Beach instead.

the interesting thing about the prescence of beer is the effects.
*grin* I'm sure you know where this is heading.
Human nature unplugged.

Sitting two rows behind were a young crowd of exhuberant twenty-somethings. Drinking.
Directly behind us was a young family with young children; four years to seven years old. Grandma came along for the show too.

There I was, watching a bull come out of the shute when I felt a splatter on my arm.
Puzzled, I looked behind me and cringed with horror.

I shall now refer to her as DB - drunk bimbo. Seems DB was leaning forward OVER the four year old child with her cup of beer instead of leaning back into her own seat when DB, OOPSIE, dropped her almost full cup of beer over the head of the child.

When I'd turned around, all I saw were eyes widened in shock on the face of this little boy. The pungent aroma of beer surrounded him as the liquid soaked his neck, shirt and pants. The cup landed at his feet.

Grandma turned into a hissing and spitting cat - calling DB a "drunken bitch" ... (hey, that also is DB - you can switch the words if you want) and a stupid and irresponsible bitch.

DB's response, (use an almost monotone disinterested voice - spouting words not heartfelt) Oh! I'm sorry. Want me to get some towels or something? I didn't mean to do that."

The grandma said some words as you can imagine.
DB's reply, "Well, it's not like I make a career out of dumping beer on kids you know ."

What could I do? Nothing really.
However, I had a whole pack of travel tissues that I had just opened so I turned around and worldlessly gave the package to the grandma. She took them without a "thank you". That didn't bother me though. She was under extreme stress on behalf of her grandson and she was still muttering aspersions towards DB.

Eventually, security was called, people were moved to who-knows-where, child got a T-shirt from one of the kiosks to replace the beer satuated one and the show went on.

The people in front of us, young professionals I'd guess, were sober- at first.
Remember, I told you the music tracks at the PBR were awesome?

Drunken people know ALL the words.
And they sing them.
Not always on key, not on cue and not always succinctly. But that doesn't matter, they're having FUN!
Two beers please.


Dru said...

I love your observation especially the young professionals.

I hate DBs...they are everyone with a glass of beer not realizing that if you tilt will spill.

Brandy said...

Ugh! Poor child to be accosted by someone who should have known better.
May I just say "WTG Grandma!!" Give her heck!
I hat eto break this to you, but I went to the Circus last year. Guess what they were selling? Beer.