Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Snark the Shark

That was me today, A Snarky Shark.
I impressed the hell out of my boss.
Made her smile.

Oh, yea, curious kitty has claws.

We were to have an online seminar today. Turns out the poop in the fan in the office and it was not doable. I was asked to reschedule. Not a problem, I say.
Well, not for me making the call, but it was for the snooty asswipe who was on the other side of the line.
Sense a bit of hostility? You bet.

"Of course we can reschedule the seminar, however you lose credit and you will be charged for the next one."
Excuse me?
(See, when you update to this exhorbitantly expensive accounting program, they graciously offer two free "teaching" seminars.)
I asked '"Why?"
"Oh, well there was a tech set aside for this event, without 24 hours notice, they're locked in."

(Excuse me again, but all they do is sit on their well padded chairs and talk to us for 50 minutes, perhaps even take over our computer to zip at mach speeds "showing" us important short cuts while never answering our initial questions - like the first session)

I asked, " There is no recourse?"

Inflexible toady. That's when the strangest feeling took over me and my face heated.

"Do you mean to tell me that if someone gets sick, that there is no flexiblity? HOW can we give you 24 hours notice. People don't plan on getting sick. It happens. No notice. Don't you people take that into account?"

He replied. " Oh, well, is this person necessary to the session?"

"YES." ( I said a few other things to the lad)

"Oh. Please hold, I'll get back to you." (imagine the sound of sucking lemons)

The short of it is - we got credit.

It's not like they have to GO anywhere, or do anything creative like juggle knives while debugging a computer. Sheesh!

So I got on a high horse and rode the bucking bronco.

They make enough money, why do they feel the need to deprive us of something that, with good and willing PR and customer service, would enhance the word of mouth about their product?

As it is .... my word of mouth is full of sharp snarky shark teeth.


Bailey Stewart said...

Ooooh, don't cross you when you get on your horse. LOl

Good girl - don't let people walk over you. You did the right thing snarky shark.

Brandy said...

Okay, say that really fast 3 times! *g* You did great! I let people get away with stuff sometimes on the phone, just because I'm uncomfortable. That's usually why I sick Chris on them on the phone. WAY TO GO!

Dru said...

You go girl. The nerve of them. You definitely have to be aggressive when it comes to getting money back from online seminars or classes that you take.

Michele said...

Thanks for the pat on the back, Bailey, Brandy and Dru!!!