Thursday, June 21, 2007

Blame it on The Harlequin

A first.

I received my copy of Laurell K. Hamilton's The Harlequin from Amazon yesterday. I've been waiting for this book with heightened anticipation for months. My excitement knew no bounds as I ripped open the box, shredded the plastic and breathed in the smell of a new book.

At about 10PM I started to read thinking it would be easy to put it down at a decent hour to go to bed.

Guess what?

Here comes a first ever for me.
Do you know what stopped me from reading the book to the end?


I. kid. you . not.

I was up reading The Harlequin until flippin'

4:30 in the morning!!

I tried sneaking into bed, but DH woke up and he was NOT happy with me on my behalf.
I admit, it was kind of stupid to stay up almost 24 hours straight, but I had NO idea that it was that late ... or early the next day.

I heard the birds and couldn't believe what that sound meant.

My first thought was, "Holy Shit! I didn't ! I couldn't have!"

Oh yea, I did. I got about two hours sleep before I had to get up, do the "work from home thing" before heading off to help my mom pick strawberries this morning because she can no longer kneel or bend her toes to push off due to her medical condition. She was counting on me.

I"m back now. All went well. We picked about 30 pounds of strawberries and she was SO happy. I got bit in the face by some kind of bug that left a huge hole and an even bigger welt.

I guess the question is: Was staying up so late to read The Harlequin worth it?
Yes it was.

There wasn't as much sex.
There was more action, more thought, more sturdy character development and some wonderful insights into some new and old friends alike.
Richard is still a jerk.
Dolph is running second place for the Jerk award.
Olaf really squicks me out - what a great character!
More deaths in this one, some deserved and some ... not.
And my favorite cutie, Nathaniel, has some important plays in this episode. *sigh*

As always, the fallout from Anita and Jean Claude's decisions will have long reaching affects.

I can't wait to find out how it's going to play out.

Anita Blake: it's either love her or hate her.

I'm in the 'love her' camp and am not afraid to state it.


Brandy said...

Why was your hubs so upset? You're the one who has to go without sleep. And, like you, I've gotten so engrossed in a book before that I've done just that. And yes, it was worth every minute of it!
That said, I hope you get some rest soon! And congratulations on your strawberry bounty!

Dru said...

I've done that before, read non-stop and then have to cram 6 hours of sleep into 2 hours.

Mailyn said...

Maybe he was upset you woke him up. LOL.

Don't get me started on that lunatic Hamilton. She took that crown right off of Anne Rice's head. But you know who loves these books? Ames. I'm sure she'll be squeeeing all about it.

Lyn Cash said...

I haven't read Hamilton for a reason - the ones you've stated - lol. Think I read part of one ONCE and decided I didn't have the time to fall in love...again. I've heard that this book is really, really good, though, and *some day* I will read this woman's books. Thanks for sharing!