Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Rules of Ascension

Rule #1
You have to love this book!

Rule #2
You have to do a "Fan Gush" to the author.

Rule #3
Read this book in an air conditioned room, or with access to ice cubes (if you're lucky, you might employ a buzz buddy or a handy DH or significant other for those sure-to-be tremors and aftershocks after reading such hot scenes.)

Need help with Rule #2? Here's a clue:
It's Lauren Dane!

It took me two days to read this. The first night I expected to stay up until midnight reading this, but even then I couldn't get through it all. Guess it was all those scenes that I had to re-read. *wink*

I just finished it and I recommend it to all readers who are fans of sensual, romantic and at times, halariously funny, werewolf or shifter stories. Ascension delivers some scorching scenes that touch base on many different levels of sensual pursuit. I believe there is something for everyone in this book and how Lauren manages to gather it all and weave it into this hot and romantic tale so seamlessly just blows me away.

This was one Ebook worth the purchase.


Oh, and the cover?

Mmmm, Mmmm Good! Makes me want to HOWL! *grin*


Brandy said...

Why do I get the feeling your air conditioner is getting a work-out? Um, not to mention the hubs! *G* (I'm teasing!)

Anonymous said...

Dang, those are serious pects.

Mailyn said...

Re: the yaoi manga/anime [sorry I'm late but I didn't check blogs this weekend] I rec the following:

Anime [movies]

Ai No Kusabi [with subtitles] by far THE best yaoi movie evah. It's a classic.

Sensitive Pornograph is very funny and sweet and hot at the same time.


Na mo Naki Tori no Tobu Yoake [Innocent Bird]
Love Mode
Boku No Sexual Harassment

That should be enough to get you started and see if you like it. ;-)

By far THE ABSOLUTE BEST place to download yaoi anime and manga [all translated] is the Aarin Fantasy forum. You register for free and they have EVERYTHING that's any good.

Here is their link:

Scanlations are translated manga and offered for free online since it hasn't been licensed in the US. Fansubs are anime with subtitles also offered online.

susie said...

the cover alone is pretty darn hot, thanks for the recommendation.

Michele said...

Gee, Brandy, because the book IS that hot? LOL
DH, like any man, likes a good workout.

Um, Yeah, Jason. LOL
Gee, when I get literary, I miss you and when I post silly fun stuff with high hormones and low brain food, you catch me.
I'll never impress you this way.
No matter what though, always thrilled to see you pop in.

Mailyn! Awesome recomendations! So thorough. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.


You're Welcome, Susie. I like sharing the scoop on good reads, it's one of My Favoriite Things!

Annalee Blysse said...

Sounds great!