Monday, June 04, 2007

The time to share is when you want to

Yep, because if you wait until the "perfect" moment, it really never comes. You make it what it is.
I can't believe it is JUNE and what I have to share happened back in APRIL.

Nothing earth shattering. Just observations of young'ns and the things they say.


You're playing miniature golf and your little one jumps up and down with hardly contained excitement and pride,


Oh yes, a proud moment to remember.

In talking to the older one somehow we got on the subject of jellyfish sex.

Um, ... yeah, don't ask.

Anyway, immersed in the initial and tentative foray into talking about the birds and the bees, the question went, What do you think jelly fish do when they mate?

The answer:

"One bites the head off of the other?"

Somehow, I think the schools need to do a little more work differentiating between black widow spiders and jelly fish. Sheesh!

Or is that my job?
Can I delegate this one?
*sheepish grin*

The good thing is that both now know the answers to Who is buried in Grant's tomb and who is buried in King Tut's Tomb.

OH, did I tell you we saw Shrek 3 this past weekend?

You know, I thought it was good!
OK, so it wasn't as goofy funny as the others but I do believe it has a meatier story. One with a little more thought to it.
What's wrong with that?

I SO totally LOL'd at the part where the babies where all down for the night and Shrek and Fiona look quite suggestively at each other. What happens next had me almost falling off of my chair in appreciative laughter. A stroke of comedic genius!

I really got a kick out of Snow White's battle song. That was incredibly cool. And Merlin? That voice bothered me the entire time I was listening to him. I felt I SHOULD have been able to identify the voice but until the credits, didn't connect the vocal dots. Of course I did the ol' head smack when the credits came up. *chuckle*

And Arty? Too Michael J. Foxish for me ... not that that is a bad thing, I just miss him in his Alex P. Keaton role and when I see simularities, it brings back fond memories of watching that show.

Wow, that was off tangent, yes?

Sooo, what movie have you seen, BESIDES Pirates 3.???


Bailey Stewart said...

I finally got around to watching The Lakehouse and loved it.

Brandy said...

I got to watch the Holiday and liked it alot. I want to see Waitress BADLY.

Mailyn said...

I haven't been to the movies after POTC3. Damn it I wanna go see it again!

Dru said...

I saw Shrek 3, Pirates 3 and finally saw A night at the museum.

Michele said...

Wow, Brandy and Bailey. Both your movies I've never heard of!!!

TBV/TBW pile just got added to.

Mailyn!! Was it that good? Really?
Tell me true because I heard that Depp doesn't appear until more than half the film is over.
Please tell me that it ain't so!!

Hey there Dru! What did you think of Shrek and A Night At the Museum?
I really am curious because I liked them. POTC3 is going to have to wait for a couple of weeks. This weekend is my eldest's B-day and we're going Go- Karting!