Monday, June 18, 2007


Dangerous thing ... thinking.

I finally read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
NOW I understand what the hub-bub has been all about.
I heartily recommend it too.
Engrossing read.
Already ordered the sequel.
As I was reading, it hit me.
I've been reading supernatural romances - vampires, werewolves, fae, even aliens for about three years now.
In all that time, I never put two and two together.
I guess I was pretty oblivious.
Here's my thought:
Ever notice the correlation between the three days of conversion to a vampire that many re-tellings of the vampire myth tell us and the resurrection of Christ?
No, no no, - I'm not getting deep into religion here. I am just saying that I noticed a simularity.

Three days to Rise again.

It's not the only literary work that embraces a timetable based on the Bible.
H.G. Wells did it too in The War of The Worlds.
"Six days. Six days, she said."
"The same amount of time it took to create the world."

Remember that scene in the movie? *ahem* The ORIGINAL movie.
I think numbers play a role in many things beyond what we are conscious of. I think that's cool.

The history of which we drawn upon even in current times is amazing. Half the time I don't believe we are aware or even recognize it yet we do it all the same.
I told you.
It's dangerous for me to think.

It either shows how stupid I am, uninformed or how truly inspired I can be.
All of which are scary.

I was reading Brandy's blog and a thought occurred to me.
I wrote it there, but I am so PROUD of my thought process, I'm going to share it here.
FARTS keep the Kid in us Alive.
Now, WHY would I say that?
As adults, we don't let ourselves go into giggle fits anymore. Not like when we were kids.
Those kinds of belly laughs are the BEST kind - and farts, in the right time and place - or is that the WRONG time and place *grin*, get us everytime.
Heck, we don't get them enough.
The laughs, not the gas.
When's the last time you used a Whoopie Cushion on anyone, including yourself?


Brandy said...

I think your observation is inspired. Not stupid at all.

As for *a-hem* farts. They really do make us laugh when they are unexpected. My kids had a whoopie cushion and used it so much they killed it.

Marianne Arkins said...

I LOVED Twilight... tried and failed to read the sequel, but that may have been my mood. I'll try again, because Twilight was so amazing.

BTW, I loved the word "barmy" you used when you visited my blog. I'm going to add to my everyday vocab.

It'll drive my family barmy.


Michele said...

Brandy, they killed the Whoopie?
They Whipped the Whoopie?
They just aren't made the way they were used to. My nephews did the same thing. All that enthusiasm!

Thanks for thinking my observation had some merit.


Marinanne, Oh no! the sequel wasn't as easy to get into?
Sometimes that happens. I'm still looking forward to trying . Twilight was such a great first read ... I'll bear your words in mind and I'll give the sequel the ol' college try.

**delighted LOL**
You liked, "barmy", did you?
I'm honored that you're going to add it to your vocabulary lists.
Isn't the English language fun?

Thanks for dropping by.