Monday, June 25, 2007

Mind Buzzzzin' Over

Not the birds.
Did you know?

If it's HOT out, and there is no access to water - bird baths or puddles - they will find that which humans don't think about.

Try a cushy rug on the deck near a pool.
If that water doesn't dry up and if it never dries up due to the nature of the rug and the in and out of the swimmers, guess what?

Bees will come.
In droves.
Looking for moisture in a most convenient location.
Convenient for them, not us humans.

Don't blame the bees.
Don't curse them and walk around in affronted belief that they're doing this to you on purpose.
They are trying to survive.

If you can't give them their own water space, be prepared to share.
If there is a beekeeper in the area, be undertanding.
Nature is Nature.
The beekeeper cannot control where the bees fly.

YOU can control your draw as the bees savior.

A light coating of vineger in the saturated fibers should disgust the bees enough for the returning scouters to do their "direction dance" and indicate that the Hot Happenin' Place is now a No Go.

Poison is not necessary. Neither is profanity. (except when you get stung)

Bee a good neighbor to the Bee, natures pollinator and provider of sweet stuff.


Brandy said...

Do you have any advice for wasps? (We just found out there are some building a nest behind one of the shutters on the front of the house.)

Michele said...


I have to speak out for the Honey Bee, but Wasps/Hornets don't like humans or benefit humans directly.

By that I mean, you can't domesticate them like the honey bee.
So... Raid ..because too many stings from wasps/hornets can have dire affects.

Ever see a White-faced hornet? You don't want to . They are big, aggressive and their venom is dangerous.

We use RAID on them because our safety is an issue.

That's as far as I can get with advice. Hopefully someone else has a more human option.

Maybe flood and saturate the paper of their nest with a high pressure hose and then put some stuff there to discourage them from building there again?

I don't know.
Good luck!

Mailyn said...

I agree! I don't see why people have to be so mean to animals. Hello! They have nowhere else to go thanks to us! I know of this one girl who kept asking how to get rid of ducks because they were popping on her lawn. Stupid bitch. There was a lake behind her house. The ducks don't know any better. Build a fence or something! Ugh. Most people are selfish. They think of only themselves most of the time. It does sicken me.

Kristen Painter said...

I love honey bees. They're so fat and buzzy. They remind me of flying catepillars. Plus, honey is delish.

Bees rock!

Michele said...

No way! There was a LAKE and she was suprised and upset that ducks were there? What planet is she from?
Helloooo! Geese, ducks and all kind of fowl creatures enjoy a pond/lake/river/ocean as the next human.
Sometimes or many times, they get their FOOD from there ...How can she seriously think she'd be taken seriously?
I pity her and her less than cerebral thinking.

Thanks for agreeing with me Mailyn!

LOL....flying caterpillars that STING!
I LOVED your description, how cute!

I grew up with bees chasing me, getting in my hair, stinging me and swarming in our yard and yet, I don't hate them.
Scared..oh yea.
But I realize their benefit and right to buzz.

But, I don't think I can ever look at them with the adorable phraseology you do.
They've got a friend in you!