Friday, June 29, 2007

It's Friday already?

Finally it's Friday and the heat wave has broken! It was a delicious 75 degrees today.
What a boost of energy you get when you can breathe and move without sweating 1/4 of your body weight in water when you sneeze.
I took the kids to a museum, the dentist, lunch and a park. What a busy day! And it was a delight to be outside. Left the house at 10 and got back at 5.

I also had some great ideas for my story and was all set to write when the phone rings. My lil'

sis. How can I NOT talk to her when I haven't spoken to her in two months? Sure, I've emailed her plenty but she never has time to be online these days.

So, we talked and talked and she always has me laughing. She's always a delight because she has such a dry and sassy sense of humor.
I love my sister.
And we found a new connection!

Can you guess?

Christine Feehan and the Drake Sister's series.
Oh I am rollin'.
I love vampires, she hates them.
I love werewoves, she hates them.
I can read a love story without a bed scene, she won't.
I can read a book with murder and mayhem with a gross factor akin to Anita Blake killing a vampire totally dead and she won't .If there's a woo-woo factor, she will turn her nose up at it. Me... gimme gimme.

So for her to have gotten hooked on the Drake Sisters just thrills me. Sure there's a little woo-woo, but it must be juuust right to get by her "paranormal radar buster".

I can't believe we have another author in common!

It used to be Linda Howard.
She got me hooked on that author.
We both like Mr. Perfect. And Open Season.

She hasn't read Kiss Me While I Sleep I gave that a recommend tonight. It's a great book...very touching and the title relates to a very poignant part in the book. *sigh*

I"m hoping to get her hooked on Sue Brockmann. I've gotta find another Prince Joe and send it to her. BWAHAHAAHA!!!
**rubs hands in glee*

Nothing like encouraging another book-a-holic. *grin*
Did I ever get back to writing? Nope. 10:15 is a tad to late to start anything. The story of my story. *sigh*

Oh! Last week? I was driving home and I got a chance to stop in the middle of a road, put the car in park, step out and snap this picture. Only in back country roads is traffic so thin and sporadic can you do things like this. There was actually a double rainbow but with all the trees it was virtually impossible to get that shot. You'll just have to take my word for it.

The weather was super crazy that day ... rain, sun, rain and sun all day.
Frankly, I'm surprised I didn't see more rainbows! But I'll take seeing one ... good luck and all that. I need all I can get. *grin*
Anyway, I hope your weekend is full of good luck and happy sightings.
And a good read thrown in for good measure.


Brandy said...

I have to say, I am curious myself as to the new Christine Feehan book out. I think I've read one other story set in an anthology, featuring the Drake Sisters.

Glad you and your sister have another author in common. Have you read Dream Man by Linda Howard? A copy (the riginal printing) is on my keeper shelf. Just a tiny bit of "woo-woo" there too.

Glad to hear you had a goo day adn that the heat deserted you today, you must have sent it south! It's sad when you break a sweat walking out your front door to your vehicle! I'm not kidding, either.

Anyway, have a wondeful weekend!

Mailyn said...

I have two Linda Howard books tha I should be reading soon.

Marianne Arkins said...

I've never read any of the Drake Sisters books.... I'll have to put them on my list!

I've tried and tried to like Suzanne Brockman, but I just can't and I don't know why. On the surface, her books offer everything I like, but there's something about them that turns me off and I can't put my finger on what it is.

I'll go see if I can find me some Drake Sisters, though!

Happy Weekend.