Friday, October 05, 2007

Birthday Girl

That ME!

Today is VASTLY different than last year.

This year, my boss cooked me a CHICKEN dinner at work!

I had roasted chicken, Acorn squash, new baby red potatos and CAKE!! a Lemon Cream Cake!

I had LOTS of spicy and delicious Comments on my MySpace.

My MOM sung me Happy Birthday on my answering machine.

I had wonderful outpouring of well wishes from my LASR family.

I had Awesome and cute E-Cards from my blog buddies.

AND the BEST thing that happend ot me???

A nice gentleman burned rubber and had smoke POURING from his rear wheel wells as he slammed on his brakes in order to avoid killing himself at a high rate of speed if he'd connected with the back end of my van. He swerved and did some amazing side of an embankment driving in order to miss me. What would have happened to me? I wouldn't be here typing. My kids would not have had anyone to get them off the bus. No one would have known about my catastrophe.

So see? It was A GREAT gift this stranger did for me. He controlled his out of control car enough to leave us both unharmed.
I pray to God that he doesn't make the same mistake again on that stretch of road.
The next person may not be so lucky.

Of all the gifts I could receive on my Birthday, safety is the best.

Wouldn't you say?


Dru said...

Happy Birthday.

You are so right, safety was the best gift you received.

Brandy said...

Happy Birthday!
God was definitely watching over you.
Blessed Be!

Michele said...

Yes, indeed, Dru! Although, my kids cleaning up and vaccuuming the living room for me was kind of awesome too. **GRIN**
Thanks for dropping by!

Yes, He was, Brandy. Thanks!
And thanks for the Ecard!!!!

Marianne Arkins said...

I often wonder what would happen if a virtual friend was hurt or killed -- and her family didn't know about all of us out here.

We'd just sit... and wait... and wonder.

So that man did me a favor, too. Thank heavens.

Happy birthday again *G*

Michele said...

Wow, Marianne, I never thought of that. My DH doesn't know ANY of my passwords or all the sites I deal with.
Very sobering thoughts.

Your comment is very sweet. Thank you!!!
And thanks again for the Birthday wish. *grin*