Monday, October 15, 2007

What I did on my Mini Vacation

Yes, you got it in one. Went to the shore.

Walked the salt marsh.

Took LOTS of flora pictures.

Enjoyed the sunny weather.

Ate lobster.

Wrote more on my story, in the spacious bathroom no less. *grin*

(as weird as that sounds, it is VERY hard to concentrate and write in the same room while Spongebob, Ben 10, Jimmy Neutron and other assorted cartoons are blasting. )

Bought black licquerish strings... I like candy I can play with and then eat.

Played mini golf where I got, get this, THREE holes-in-one. I kicked DH's butt.


Gotta toot my horn whenever I can because I played a rare Excellent game. I guess I wasn't Blonde that day. *gg*

All in all, it was a glorious break from the stress that has lately spiced my life like an ill-placed Habanero.

So, did anything interesting happen whilst I was gone??
BTW- Does anyone know what THIS is???
It looks puffy like seaweed yet was growing in full sun amongst the salt marsh grasses.
I couldn't get near it to touch because it was too far and I'd fall into the brine, or stagnant DEEP crevices of the marsh. So, I used my telephoto option as far as it would go. Can you see the detail enough? Enough to identify this very strange plant kissed with the color of autumn??
In any event, sure is pretty, yes?
Have a great Monday, all!


Dru said...

Welcome back. Sounds like you had a good mini-vacation. I love playing miniature golf...and congrats on the holes-in-one.

I have no idea what that plant is, but it looks pretty.

The exciting thing for me that should happen today is the installers will finish my flooring and I get my new dinette set delivered. I can't wait.

Have a good Monday.

Brandy said...

Glad to hear you had a great time!
Woo-Hoo for kicking Dh's butt! *g*
I'm hate to 'say' it, but I have no idea what that plant is.
Um, I've had a good and bad weekend.
Have a good day!

Marianne Arkins said...

Welcome back! Nope, don't know what it is... but could probably find out if I had the time!

Jill Monroe said...

Wow - the plant is pretty, but also slightly weird looking. : )

Michele said...

Dru, I saw the pictures of your floor. Beautiful! and your you'll be eating in style soon.

Thanks for the welcome back ..glad to BE back if only because my own bed doesn't DIP in the middle LOLOL!!


Hi Brandy!!Good to be back. Hope things are totally going better for you!


Marianne, you are a veritble font of research information. I hope you CAN because not knowing is driving my barmy. LOL


I agree, it IS weird looking , and the reason why I HAD to take a picture.

Thanks for visiting me!

**fan girl moment, sorry**