Monday, October 29, 2007

Haunting Mists - Holloween's Harbinger

These shots are not too far from my street. Early in the autumn morning, fog drifted in whorls of dancing ghosts streamed across the lake, onto and over the road before me.
I grabbed my camera and took pictures: the top is from the my left, the second is smack in the middle and the bottom pic is to my right.
I wanted to give you a bit of panoramic view of the fall colors barely peeking from behind the rising ghosts of moisture. Pretty, yes?
Remember to click on the pic so it can load to a larger, more detailed image. Enjoy!


Brandy said...

These pictures are lovely and haunting at the same time. Thanks for sharing them.

Shesawriter said...

I could look at those all day. Simply beautiful! :-)

Jill Monroe said...

Those are beautiful pics - keep 'em coming. In Oklahoma we don't have landscape like this!

Michele said...

Thanks Brandy!
Some of the best views are amazingly in my own back yard. I totally forgot until I saw fog dancing across the road. I looked over and said "Cool!",
and grabbed the camera. SO glad I did!

Thanks for the Compliment, Tanya!
It was eerie. Still pics can't give you the full scene. The rising colulmns of mist were moving, being pushed by an unseasonable wind. I wish you could have seen it!
But I 'm glad you are enjoying the view I was able to grab.


Jill! No way! Really?
I bet Oklahoma has its own beauty. Perhaps the skies? Cloud formations? I like those too.

I'm SO happy to hear you like my pics. It's fun to share and to find that others like them too.