Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good Cat Hunting

I've heard of a dog on point, but never a cat!


Isn't it purty? This lovely kitty was at that wedding I went to. All the females at the reception gravitated towards this furry feline to pet and admire it.

I think this clever cat has a good thing going, don't you?

BTW- I say 'it' because I looked to figure out if it was a girl kitty or a boy cat.

I was thinking ... a guy could take lessons from that scenario at the reception. Have a cute animal and girls will flock to ooh and ahhhh, then it's up to the guy to win some points or hit a foul ball in the game of amour.

Now, this pic is a SPEAKING pic.
What does it say to you?
To me, it says, "I'm too sexy for my fur."


Brandy said...

"You want to pet me? Take a number and be prepared to adore me!"
What a pretty kitty!

Shesawriter said...

That cat is saying, "Don't f*ck with me." ;-)

Michele said...

Hi Brandy!
According to a Calico owner, the kitty should be a SHE. I am amazed because I didn't even know it cat WAS A Calico.

And yep, your comment sure does empbrace kitty attitude. **GRIN**