Thursday, October 18, 2007

Wrong Choice about Wine

I HAVE to shout and Spout about this.

I just saw on the news that WINE makers are dragging their feet about deciding whether or not they should disclose the OTHER ingredients in their products, namely; water, oak wood chips, and, get this ...EGG WHITES!!

I'm steamed on behalf of ALL the LTA (Life Threatening Allergy) sufferers out there who are allergic to egg.
Who would EVER think there'd be EGG in Wine?

They'll never have a chance to die from drunk driving or cirrhosis of the liver; one sip could do the deed within seconds to minutes - depending on if they're anaphalactic.

One 'Wine Writing Expert' claims that the disclosure should NOT be put on the bottles because it will "clutter up " the label. Clutter up the label?



Judy Thomas said...

good grief... I've never heard of such a thing! That would be like not putting a warning on something that contains peanuts.

Michele said...


Or should I say, "Eggs-actly!"

The problems exist because wines aren't regulated the way food is - where they require the disclosure of known allergens.

I think if Anything passes a mouth to be ingested, it SHOULD be labeled.

jason evans said...

Hey Michele!

I'm not so sure the egg stays in the wine. I think they put it in so it grabs impurities on the way to the bottom, then they pour the wine off, leaving the egg white behind. I suppose there could be residual amounts, though.

Michele said...

Hello Jason!
So nice to 'see' you!

I like your explanation as to why egg white would be involved with wine at all.
My perspective comes from having a child with a LTA.

Even if something comes in contact with something but it not a true ingredient, it's still considered 'contaminated'... such is the case with a child and peanut butter. If another has a PB&J and doesn't wash his/her hands and goes back to class touching books or other objects, the touch sensitive LTA child then touches the same object, now contaminated with the oils from the Peanut Butter and WHAM, you have a life threatening situation.

My son had popcorn at a theater. I was assured that the only oil was coconut. But the factory where the popcorn was packaged processes items with peanuts. Although there was NO peanuts or peanut butter in the popcorn, it was 'contaminated' and he had a reaction.
It was scary.

So for me, even having egg whites doing a necessary job with the wine, still 'contaminates' the essence of the wine and a person suffering from an egg LTA could be seriously effected.

That's why I feel labelling IS important. And why I wrote my post.

Thanks for the insight, Jason!

Brandy said...

I agree with you. Everything that is ingested should be correctly labeled.

Jill Monroe said...

Egg whites??? All the other stuff is reasonable...but what's the purpose?

Michele said...

Thank, Brandy!!! HUGS

Hi Jill.
Yep, egg whites. As to the purpose, Jason, in a comment above, took a stab at trying to explain a possiblity. As for the true nature for egg whites, your guess is as good as mine.

Since it IS so unexpected, I believe that justifies my stance about labeling of said ingredient on wine labels.

Thanks for the good question, Jill. I wish I had the answer.