Monday, June 30, 2008

Library update

Still no word on why the ceiling fell.
They are now working from a tiny room in the basement and they can only provide books and movies, etc. that were checked out before the collapse of the ceiling. The inter-library loans via the internet are saving me.

No one has been upstairs since the collapse. I also heard that 121 years of dust and who knows what else, rained down all over the place and the air quality is suspect.

I wonder how long inspections and cleaning will take? Meanwhile, I am reading the books I got.

My kids called me outside today. Guess what? Another snake. A pretty garter snake all coiled up and looking at me when I walked up; its pretty red tongue flicking and sensing if I'm a good thing or a bad thing. My kids know not to bother snakes - we just gather round and admire a wonderful example of nature.
No, I'm not squeamish around snakes. Moms can't be. *grin*

Nothing in my garden has yet to die or be eaten. Knock on wood I didn't just jinx myself. LOL

I"m on Facebook. I"m addicted to some of the games on there. Im addicted to the application Friends For Sale. For the longest time, I'd been owned by one guy and he is pretty cool. Out of the blue this past week I was bought be a stranger. Oh dear! This person even changed my NAME. I used to be **Snort**

Gee, why would I have THAT name? **giggle**
Now I have a new, new owner and I am pretty happy. I even got a present! oooh.
Yeah, I know, lame.
But fun!
And I'm still mad that Moonlight got cancelled. Can't they ever have an ENDING made for that? Sheesh...get us all involved and leave us hanging like the cliff hanger than never ends.
Anyway want a vote? Does Beth hook up with Mick or not?

OK, that's my rambling and nonsensical update.
Sure beats seeing the same-o same-o, right?

Happy week to you!

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Brandy said...

Sorry to hear they still haven't gotten around to fixing the library, or figured out why the ceiling fell in to begin with.

Now, see, I'm a Mom and DON'T DO SNAKES. *G*

I hope you're having a good week!