Sunday, June 08, 2008

More about the Birds

Back to the Robins.

I hope this last time might BE the last time. The nest was half way built when I drove off.
And they've not re-built in the past two days. Think they FINALLY got the hint?
I hope so.

I also have a little journal on OKCupid and I posted a plea there about my birds.
What a great place!
I got responses.

The first were two young men who made me chuckle. Their advice? gasoline and bb guns.
Totally impractical. **grin**

However, there were two MEN, one from New Jersey and one from England. They actually conversed via my journal there, about the birds and my actual
It was SO cool!

Seems the Brits have their own robin. He's a cute little fellow and just as dumb if not worse. Theirs is NOT afraid of humans and has been known to be right next to a gardener tilling the soil with their shovel, or as they refer to it, a spade. Their robin will dart to and fro to get the bugs the 'spade' will turn up and they have a feast.
American robins give us a WIDE berth and want nothing to do with us.
British robins will nest in a house { if they get in there without your notice}, have nested in a WWII fighter plane and in coat pockets (while unworn).

So I guess the British robin has loads of anecdotal evidence of nesting in inappropriate and strange places. It's in the genes and I guess our American bird shares that same odd gene. Strange building sites are not uncommon, but our birds show a bit more "stiff upper beak" then their cousins. And I find that hilarious.

I guess my robins have a bit more British in them than normal.
Aren't I lucky?

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Brandy said...

Still? Goodness. Good luck with the silly things.