Monday, June 09, 2008

Win this book so we can GAB

You have GOT to win Daisy Dexter Dobbs' latest book, Samantha and Her Genie!

WHO is Daisy? Check her out, HERE

Why? Why should you try to get her latest book?

You should if you like to laugh and roll on the floor from seriously funny antics by the hero. You should if you enjoy some really hot erotic moments as the Hero and Heroine explore the growth of their love. ( Yep there is a great HEA)

You should if you would enjoy seeing a novel twist when the villain of of the piece gets her just desserts. Revenge is sweet and this one has a suprise ending that tricked me. Just when you think you know what is going to happen, because it starts out sounding like a stereotypical situation, WHAM! a whole new and unique scene had me appreciating Daisy's talent all over again. I adore an author who keeps me on my toes. Don't you?

Actually, by entering her contest, you could win ANY of her books, even Finding Cupid. I love them all and if I hadn't bought them already I'd be jumping at the opportunity to get a free book.

WHERE is this contest?

Oh, have I got news for you.
My baby review site is being incorporated into the official LASR website today! Today is the big day! I am so excited and nervous and thrilled and astounded and amazed.

Want the link to check out Whipped Cream's new home?
But if you want to zip right in to where the contest is?
Click HERE

Please, make me happy. Go, enter and WIN her book so we can gab about it later!
There's so much fun going on in the book, I can't pick just one scene!


Marianne Arkins said...

Hey girlie... your links are broken.

For anyone who may be looking...

This is link to the new site.

And this is the link to DDD's author spotlight and contest.

Michele said...

All of them!?!

OK folks, Do what Marianne said..USE HER LINKS,
I"m obvioulsy Linked Challenged.

Thanks for checking, M~ !!