Monday, June 23, 2008

OK so I almost did it and yet, ...

I almost reclaimed my garden.
Except, I didn't.
I made it somewhere else using something else.

Anyone have any luck planting INSIDE cinder blocks?
I am giving it a whirl. Mostly because every time I dig, even in places
that have been dug before, there are rocks.

It's an unconventional raised garden but at this point, I'm going to try anything.
Ferns, those pretty frothy green things, in conjunction with some strange vigorous perennial green leafy fragrant plant which can grow four feet tall, have taken over my old place of gardening.

So, I bought lots of new MooDoo and humus and soil and other planter's helper type stuff and some time release fertilizer and off I went.

I have petunias and marigolds and cosmos and portulaca.
I have yellow squash and some type of sweet pepper, and six Roma tomatoes and six Big Boy tomatoes and six muskmelon a/k/a cantaloupe, and oregano, and six cucumbers.
I planted seeds of zucchini, dill, fennel and okra and sunflowers.

This ends up being the most gardening I've done in three years. I can't believe it's been that long and once I got my hands in the dirt, I'd realized how much I actually missed it.

Another thing I recently miss is my library.
They are closed until further notice.
Seems Friday afternoon, the ceiling in the main lobby gave way and crashed.
No one was hurt and here's the kicker, or the oddity.
In years past, until this year, they've adopted their summer hours the first full week after schools let out. This year, they opted to change their hours the SAME day the schools closed for the summer.

Here is the wierd part. If they had not done that, if they remained on winter hours, they would have been open until 6 PM. On Friday nights they were always busy and usually had people inside all the way up until closing. There would have been injuries. But for some reason, unknown to me, they changed this year.
And that change, that decision saved patrons from injury; and for the children in the kids section so close to the main lobby, saved them from a frightful sight.

They have no idea why the ceiling 'failed' as they termed it. They now have to check the whole building for structural integrity.

The thing that gets me about our little 127 yr old library, give or take a year, is that we've been struggling to save, generate and raise funds for an expansion for years. The library has been applying for grants and have gone before the town asking for the town's support. For all the valuable services this little building provides to all of us...why is it SO hard to support them when they support US so unfailingly?

And yet, the process has been dragged out so much and so long, this almost tragedy has come to pass. It remains a tragedy because the library is so much a part of my life in the summer. It enriches my family in books, videos and music. Now there is nothing. The other libraries in our local vacinity either have dragons for librarians or are even smaller than us with hours shorter than a blink.

What can I do? What will happen to our little town library that no one seems to want to give money to, to support and yet demands so much from?

It just doens't seem right.
I love my library,
I miss it,
and I want it reopened.

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Brandy said...

Aww, sweetie, I'm sorry to hear about the library. I don't understand not supporting it either. Is there no another building they could use temporarily?

On the container garden. It sounds fabulous! Good luck with it and pictures would be lovely. *G*