Friday, November 18, 2005

The FUN is back

Wowza, folks. What a wonderful discussion my little rant generated yesterday. Thank you so much for all the awesome comments! Do you know what amazed me? I didn't have to duck any Cyber-pies!!! Woohoo!

I have 2 links that I want to share with you.

The first one, would probably appeal to the romantic in all of us.
I was blogging with Kelli and the topic of Martha Stewart's show came up. I've watched about 60 seconds of it, and Kelli filled me in as to why it deserved more than the seconds I gave.
If I saw Martha with the guy on Kelli's blog, I'd have been RIVETED and you would be DRAGGING ME away from the TV. Yum. I'd watch a show along those lines in a heartbeat...a really fast heartbeat. LOL The post that started it is HERE and my thrill appears HERE

The second, Is for Kick-butt loving, Alpha Male appreciating , Chuck Norris fans everywhere....I was checking out Markoos' site...he always has something amazing and I saw this Awesome, humourous ode to Chuck.... Please feel free to smile and be amazed by reading : The Amazing Feats of Chuck Norris

Oh, lets make it 3 links. I Really like Brandy's cats...and Layla has 3 poses that just are soooo If you like cats.....view the talented LAYLA!!

There's a few more I'd like to share..but you know what? I don't like to overwhelm with the links. I can only speak for myself...but anything more than three...I just kind of....drift away?
Maybe that 's why I always watched "Short Attention Span Theater".....I could relate.

My question for the day.....At least for those with the season change...
Do you or Have you had snow yet?????

Why do I ask? I woke up this AM AND THERE WAS SNOW!!!!
Not a lot mind you. But enough to bring into focus the up and coming holiday. The clock is ticking......


My Mouth said...

I've had snow. Plenty of it.

In my mouth, of course.

Anonymous said...

No snow in the Philadelphia area yet, but I'll probably see my first flurries when I head up into the Poconos early Saturday morning!

Mel Francis said...

No snow here in the south. We'll probably get snow one time this year...for one or two days. The weathermen will all have erections and be foaming at the mouth over the next 'big' snow. Which will probably be 2 inches. And the schools will all shut down. And everyone in town will rush to Walmart Supercenter to buy up all the milk and bread. (because everyone knows you must have plenty of milk and bread in the house when there's a blizzard going on.) And the kids will get all excited and run outside, only to slip and fall and break a permanent tooth (oh wait, that happened last year.)

But come the next morning, it will be 60 degrees outside and we'll all be wearing shorts.

Gotta love the south. LOL

Brandy said...

No snow here in my part of the south. The above comment is so true. People here FREAK when snow is forecast.
Also, THANKS for the shout out about Layla. She'll enjoy the attention. Have a great day!

eMMa said...

It doesn't snow where I live. Besides its the beginning of summer here!!!

Michele said...

LOL!! Of Course My Mouth!
Snows finally melted, yeah!
Thanks for dropping by!

Michele said...

Hey, Jason, have a wonderful trip!
Heard it's beautiful up there.
Meteorologists today said that stormy weather is heading our way AFTER the weekend.
Let's see if they're right for a change. LOL

Michele said...

I've heard about that from my Uncle who lives in VA. When he moved there from New England, he laughed his tuckas off watching all the panic from 1 inch of snow.
That was 20 years ago. Guess not much has changed!

Michele said...

You're welcome Brandy! Layla is such a cute cat!
No snow for you either, huh?

Michele said...

LaRa!!! Hey, haven't heard from you for awhile. So happy to see you here!
Summer..did you say SUMMER?!
Oooh, I'm SO envious right now.
We are supposed to have temps no higher than 17 degrees F. tonight.
How cold DOES it get when it gets cold where you live???
Always wondered about that....

Kelli McBride said...

In Oklahoma, the weather men and women delight in teasing us with the promise of snow. Tonight, the promo for the late news was: Drastic weather change in store, perhaps even some rain and snow flakes. So, with baited breath (okay, I had garlic chicken), and a comforter wrapped around me, I waited for the evening news, alternating between the 3 major channels to get the earliest word. And......suckered again!!

The "drastic change" means that tomorrow we're only getting up to 45 degrees. Yes that is cold, but we had a few days like that last week. And the promise of snow? Well, the weather man fessed up and said, "unlikely" - and though OKC is in central Oklahoma, where the main channels are that I get, the only chance of even a flake of snow (and I do mean a flake), is in extreme eastern Oklahoma. We're not even going to see any moisture at all!

Lousy bums.

Michele said...

*snicker/snicker* on the Garlic Chicken, Kelli. Ha!

Seems the weathermen excell at Overstatement!!

Our's was: A Stormy Weather Pattern is on its way.Stay tuned to see if the Big Changes will affect your travel plans.

They are talking about Tropical storm Gamma.....come on! It still hasn't hit Florida!!! Not that I want it to, my little sis just moved there!!

Annalee Blysse said...

No snow here in northern Nevada. It gets chilly enough for snow, just hasn't snowed yet.

Michele said...

Greeting Annalee! No snow yet? Bet you don't mind.
We've been getting the cold temps to freeze standing water and anything on the roads to black ice, but since that snow. "Change" is on the way though. I'll post a pic of the "first snow" when it happens. That'll make it official.
Thanks for the precipatation update! When I think of it, I just got an overview of the whole country..this is so COOL!!