Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A promise made good

Please don't loose sight of the Thanksgiving wishes for you in the previous post. ONE day to go.

However, a while ago, my blog was honored to be visited by a man whom I consider to be a
Rennaisance Man. He is erudite, articulate on many subjects, perceptive and his wit is wicked.

Today he posted a rather thought-provoking entry that delved into our perception of the times we live in. He uses himself in relation to a history that we all share...if we bothered to stop and think about it. Not in the same way...but we've lived through the period he refers to.

I promised, that whenever he posted, a post I felt was too good not to share, I'd loudly link it to my blog.

Consider this LOUD, Consider yourself linked, Judson.... Folks ,Consider his post!!
Thank you.


Brandy said...

Thanks for posting the link. His post was quite interesting.

Michele said...

Thanks , Brandy for letting me know that you visited his site.
Judson ALWAYS has cool and intellectual things to say.
Some of his older posts just blow me away!!!!

wilhelmina said...

yah it was an inerestin post


Michele said...

Thanks Wilhelmina.
Glad you think so too!

wilhelmina said...

poepel say theres soemthnig rong wiht my teeth. is taht true?

Arz000n said...

Awesome post...too kewl!!

Michele said...

No, Wilhelmina, only your speech.
Orthodontists are expensive, but worth it...

Michele said...

Thank you Arzooon.
I enjoy posts that either make me smile or challenge me to think.
Sometimes, these posts also make me glad to be alive.
Thanks for Visiting.

Kara Alison said...

I checked out this post. Very interesting stuff. I love the stuff that makes me think too. Thanks!

Michele said...

No, Thank YOU, Kara. Not only for letting me know what you thought, but for leaving a note on his blog.
It's helps reinforce that I kept my promise, which is very important to me.
So, You are Very Welcome, Kara!!

Judson Knight said...

You are TOOOOOO sweet, Michele! Thanks so much! Many's the time that, without your encouragement--and with the many other demands that life places on us--I would have just dropped my blog. You're the bomb!

See my post in reply to yours at my blog, but just so you know, I figured I was older than you. Not older in the sense of wiser, mind you--it's just that you seem to have so much energy compared to this old man!

Hey, in that vein, this was encouraging. The other night, I saw part of a strange and overly stylized, but still somewhat intriguing movie called City of Ghosts with Matt Dillon. Anyway, though, what was encouraging was the fact that several characters in the movie referred to him as "the kid"--and of course he's our exact contemporary. (I'm sure you can remember when he was a major teen hearthrob about 25 years ago.)

Michele said...

You're welcome, Judson!
I'm the "bomb" huh? LOL

Oh yes, I remember Matt Dillon...he didn't "throb MY heart" back then, that's for sure... *grin*

Never heard of that film. But then, there are MANY that I've missed over the years, for one reason or another.

I have energy? Thanks...sometimes I wonder where it is. AND, now you know you are NOT an "old man", isn't that great??? Whooops, that makes me an "old woman"...LOL

You're the bomb too, Judson!!

Gangadhar said...

Wow Michele,wonderful link!!
Thanks for sharing the link wid us...

Deidre Knight said...

My honey and soulmate always has insightful things to say! Michele, thanks for linking to his blog. Let's keep flogging him so he will post more often!

Michele said...

Thank YOU, Gangadhar, for checking it out!! I appreciate that. Whenever he has another of that quality..which is often..I'll pass the word. So glad you dropped by!

Wow, Deidre! Thanks for stopping by. You're welcome. I think you two make an awesome team.

LOL re: "Let's keep flogging him so he will post more often!" I couldn't agree more!, But YOU do the flogging *wink* , I'll just harass his comments...
Great "seeing" you Deidre!

Annalee Blysse said...

That was a good post to find on Thanksgiving. Here is to hoping you're having a wonderful day with family/friends.

Michele said...

Thanks Annalee!!
For all intents and purposes, it's over and I AM Full!!!!
In fact , I ate So much Good stuff, I had no room for dessert!!


I hope you had a great one too!!