Wednesday, November 30, 2005

For shame on me..I'm a Space Ball!!

I AM :
Schwartz Master

You scored 86% in Schwartzness!

You are a god among men.


Have NO idea what I mean? Check out : SPACEBALLS THE QUIZ

I just love this movie. Just say the name, and I break out into a grin. I know, I know, today is pure fluff...BUT IT'S FUN!!!!

Remember your orders..."COMB THE DESERT!!!" And remember when asked if you found them yet....your answer??? We ain't found ______!! Come on..fill in the blank...LOL.

Now, this is what I call a cool spaceship. All the comforts of home....*giggle*

Oh, yes...I LOVE Spaceballs...what's your favorite line, character or part?????

Can we ever forget the all wise and knowing, Yogurt?
Do you remember what he's waxing poetic in this pic??

Oh, I'm having fun.

And to think this guy eventually grows up to be president and saves the world in

I think I've had too much chocolate..I'm getting a tad silly today. Either that or I'm impressed with my 86% Schwartziness......*wink*

I love this pic!!!!!

I think this is when they went...
didn't they go plaid???

Of course, with any movie, there is publicity and posed promos. As fun and irreverent as Spaceballs is, they still have to have the standard "THE POSE /SCENE THAT NEVER WAS" .

Hey, isn't that a statue of Yorgurt??!!!!

And what in the world are they doing posing in the middle of its..........*ahem* all fun fairy tale, adventure fantasys, there is a happy ever after and Spaceballs is no different.

Don't you just feel an
"Awwwwww" coming on??

Hope you have a happy Wednesday. As least as good as Princess Vespa and Prince Lonestar!


Muh-muh-muh-ham-ham-ham-ad-ad A-a-a-a-llll-li said...

Spuh-spuh-spuhhh-space buh-b-b-buhh-buh-halls w-w-w-wuhhh-wuhh-huh-was fuh-fuh-fff-fff!!-fuhh-fuh-hunny.

markoos said...

oh, joy! so many memories! ha ha! i loved Barf the man-dog!

oh, the memories!

Michele said...

Hi Muh-Muh!
Yup...funny is the word. :-)

Michele said...

LOL, Markoos!
"I'm Mog. I'm my own best friend."

Those lines are so Classic!!

Thanks for smiling with me today!

Brandy said...

Love it! My Dh laughs through the whole movie!

Crazy Politico said...

Great movie. Of course I'm a huge Mel Brooks fan period. I don't think he could get away with making Blazing Saddles today.

Avindair said...

Okay...I'm the skunk at the wedding. :(

I hated, hated, hated Spaceballs. I actually tried to walk out on it when we were in the theater, but SpousalUnit insisted that "We paid for this, we're sitting through it."


I've tried re-watching it a couple of times, but it just never connects to me.


Then again, I also enjoyed Howard the Duck when I first saw it, so what do I know? ;)

(And no, I haven't seen that film since. I suspect I'd loathe it now.)

(Aside: My challenge word was 'mbgredo'. Kinda like Greedo! You know, the Rodian that Han Solo shot? Oh, never mind... ;))

Jill Monroe said...

I love ALL Mel Brooks movies. My fave part of this one...when the space alien comes out and begins singing "Hello My Baby, Hello My Darling, Hello My Ratime Doll!"


Michele said...

Hi Brandy!'s great when you can laugh together over something, isn't it??? Thanks!

Hello There! Crazy Politico
Oh are SO correct in that statement. Mel would be black balled by every politically correct bleeding heart around. And we would be deprived of some wickedly funny humour.
"Telegram for Mongo!!"

LOL, Avindair!
I can't say anthing about Howard the Duck..I've never seen it.
It's OK that you didn't like Uncle hates anything stupid/funny..much like the Airplane movies of the 70's.
(I liked those too).
Hey, I remember the alien Han shot from underneatht the table!!
But where did the "challenge word" come from, the word verif? I like it when the letters hint at real words..I think that's cool.
No matter that you shared a difference of opinion..I'm still glad you stopped by to say so!

Glad to see you, JILL
You liked that part huh? So did my DH. He saw the original Alien, so that scene really tickled the ol' funny bone. I've NEVER seen Alien..don't plan to either **shudder**.

Anonymous said...

I still laugh when I think of Pizza the Hut!

Avindair said...

See, I loved Airplane, partially because it's so goofy, and partially because, as a private pilot, there is a lot of aviation-related humor in there.

That and, hey, who doesn't laugh when you see the lead's "drinking problem"? :)

Maybe I should stear away from the Anita Blake-esque vampire-hunting world for my next movie and do something like that instead...

Annalee Blysse said...

I watched it this year. Love this movie!

My Mouth said...

Shark! Shark!

Michele said...

Jason, you are so right!
I love how he reached his demise..He 'ate' himself to death.
There are SO many cool little things about this movie.
Remember, Perri-air??

Avindair, you're back!
LOL, I laugh myself silly when Lloyd Bridges says" I picked the wrong day to quit ____...."fill in the blanks, he had so many great of which was "sniffing glue"...Loved his hair do!!!
Wait a're doing a Vamp flick a la Anita Blake??? I am SO into the Anita Blake world...I've seen blurbs on your blog about vamps, but never got the hang of what I was seeing. That is incredibly awesome! Do Tell!

I'm glad you love it too, Annalee!.
You just saw it this year? Oh, to experience the first time

Howdy My Mouth
Thanks for weighing in too!!

Gangadhar said...

Very funny.....I couldn't control myself while laughing...

take care,Michele

Mel Francis said...

we almost watched Spaceballs over the weekend BUT my seven year old decided to watch GoldMember instead.

Maybe we'll do Spaceballs this weekend.

The testing site is down, so I'll take the test when they resume.


Avindair said...

My little film group (Stone Soup Films) started in 2002 when a bunch of us knocked together a silly little 26 minute short named Steve the Vampire. The characters and world are my friend and actor Rick Sullivan's, but we're pretty clear in the credits for that flick that we owed a lot to both the Anita Blake world, as well as to a little blonde named Buffy.

Since then we've made a couple of other non-vampire films, and one more "Cassie Banning" (our vampire hunter) short. The movie we're doing pickup shots and second unit work on right now is the first full-length Cassie Banning film. You can see stuff about that on the front page of the site, and even can download the teaser trailer here.

There's more, of course (we even have a huge FAQ section on our site) but I'm sounding too much like a shill now as it is! ;)

Shesawriter said...

I'm sorry, Michele, but I HATED that movie! ROFLOL!


Michele said...

Smiling back at you, Gangadhar Glad you enjoyed my post!

Oh, Darn, Mel! I don't want to be the ONLY person who took the Spaceballs quiz. I hope the board comes back up soon!

Oh, that was SO cool, Avindair it is similiar to the teasers that Christine Feehan does for her books. Circle Seven Productions does hers. A Statment on morality, huh? Very interesting. Thanks for the scoop.

Tanya..., you hated it too, huh?
Sounds like you and Avindair have something in both HATE Spaceballs. LOL.
I'm glad you shared that with me. I'll just make sure in the future not to reply like a "spaceball" on your blog..*giggle*