Thursday, March 23, 2006

A Big Post About Being Too Big

I've been prodded by Tanya (Thanks! **grin**) and reminded that I should post. Actually, I've wanted to for the past two days, but as with most of my posts, I want to have pictures. Blogger is not letting me. Very frustrating!

This evening, finally, it looks like it might cooperate.

My position or question is,

When is BIG Too Big??

Look at this guy? Is this the epitome of male perfection?

This is another gentleman who I found under "Big Muscle Bondage"

Look at his hands! His Biceps! Those manacles are what I envision Vikings of old to have on their arms ... markers of warriors. OR... Ooooh, this just hit me as I was writing this! Have you EVER read L. A. Banks Vampire Huntress series. This guy is PERFECT as one of her vamps who has "bulked" for battle. They are known to enlarge their bodies to massive proportions to intimidate and overpower their enemies. This guy qualifies. I just finished The Damned today. Man! Can that woman write. I was on the edge of my seat and when Carlos .... oh Wow... I was breathing heavy reading when he. ... I can't give it away ... it's to visual. Too hot. Too disturbing. L.A. Banks is not for the faint of heart. Believe me! This man in the picture would be my Ideal of either Carlos or Yonnie. Anyone who has read the series...give me your thoughts!

Now I realize that these two men show one aspect of "big". They strove towards the goal , the drive with intent, focus and hard work to get those results. The other is just, big. Human nature big.

Not to leave you with scarred corneas ... but there are various interpretations of Large, Big and Super sized. Tell me... why is one better than the other? Or, are they really? Aren't they two sides of the same coin?

I wish this little pic was a touch bigger. He falls into the mid-ground. Big - but balanced, acceptable.

Well, folks? What are your opinions. When is BIG too Big??

ps. Why- with all those blown up and built up muscles is the one muscle that so much is written about -remains untouched, unaffected and unremarkable?? Can someone Please Explain That???


Kara Alison said...

Wow...just wow. Ummm, I'd say everyone in this post is too big. and I'm also afraid of what's coming next here!

Michele said...

Hey, Kara! You're BACK!! Woohoo!

"What's coming next?"..LOL.. maybe a mention of a favorite 1980's film might be next...why? What did you think I was going to do??

Brandy said...

I will repeat my oft asked question. WHERE DO YOU FIND THIS STUFF? Good googly moogly. They're ALL too big.

Michele said...

ROTFL!! Thanks Brandy! I find them where ANYONE can! I'm just a curious kitty, LOL

Brandy said...

Oh Good GOD! I just peaked back to show Dh, and the second dude w/ the manicals? DON"T LOOK TOO CLOSE. His wrists aren't the ONLY things 'bonded'.(pssst, check below the waist)

Bailey Stewart said...

Oh my - I think that's just a little too big. Middle ground guy is more appealing. And have you seen the pics of the women body builders. Yuck!

Brandy - you would notice that LOL

Gangadhar said...

Oh my..great pics..big enough?

Brandy said...

Allright, no picking on me! Sometthing about the picture. Can I help it if I am an 'observer'?

Michele said...

GAH!!!!!! holy cats!!

ROTFL, Brandy! I NEVER NOTICED!!! I was looking at the muscles and the props and stuff thinking his was another great example ...'t look at the shadows too much ...I thought it was another black banana hammock like the other guy big deal. **GASP**
Dang, Brandy, you are TOO good of an 'observer', LOL!!!

Should I delete it, you think? THAT pic should be on the other site, NOT this one!

Eve, you are too much! I suppose I should have posted a female bodybuilder to be fair ..I just don't think females can have hands and thighs as mountainous as the guys and my post was geared towards BIG!
Glad you liked the "middle-ground" guy. Nice to know that my taste is shared, LOL

Howdy, Gangadhar! , um, yeah, big. Thanks for dropping by ..hope I didn't shock you too much! *grin*

So, I'm a thinkin' the consensus is that there IS such a thing as TOO BIG, right?
Bulked guy not withstanding...
((shakes head)) I still can't believe I missed that!!

Anonymous said...

Where are these mutant experiments being conducted??

Good. Lord.

I guess it's fine if you'd like a spinal fracture each time you have a romantic evening.

Random scene from home:

"Here honey, can you open this pickle jar? I just can't get the lid"

"Shuuuuuaaaaa" (read Terminator accent)

She hands him the jar.

Pshhhhhhhh! Jar detonates in his grip like a supernova.


Michele said...

Jason! you are halarious!!
I never thought of the "home life" scenario.
ROTFL!!! I LOVE the fact that you chose a PICKLE JAR!! Dill anyone?? **giggle**

So glad you dropped by!

Judson Knight said...

Okay, Michele, I'm confused. At the end of your post, you said something about "the one muscle that so much is written about," and I assumed you meant the "muscle" referred to by Brandy. And because of that, I looked more closely at the pictures and immediately saw what she'd pointed out. (This was before reading her comment.) Then you professed surprise at that feature of the photograph--are you really expecting us to believe that you didn't see that? And what other muscle were you talking about, then? Enquiring minds want to know! Or is my own mind just in the gutter?

Betty S said...

OMG! Why would people do that to their bodies? They are all nothing that would attract me. Give me a "normal" looking guy.

I would like to see all your posts of the "other muscles". They would be far more inspiring.

Michele said...

Oh, Man, I am not ever going to live this down , am I....

Seriously folks, I did NOT know about the full view muscle. Honest. I wrote the writing in green before Brandy's comment alerting me to the fact that I only saw what I was looking for, expecting to see and not the fullness of the view. really!
I was basing the comment about the muscle on the first picture. I mean his head looks too small compared to the rest of his body. His cute little covering is just that..little - comparatively speaking. I was just saying that with everything else dealing with muscles, and their distorted growth and size, that one always seems to remain in its " natural" it is, was and will be.


And NO Judson, your mind isn't in the gutter. Its in a much better place!

Betty! I don't have posts of more of those! Really! I mean, there are TONS out there, but they are never artful, classy or tasteful. If I could find them , would I even post them? Well, the guy on the chair,,it comes close butI removed the telling sight .. I liked the art of it without ruining it with the other view...

Betty, you are one spicey lady!!

Betty S said...

Hey. You are talking to a woman who used to teach human sexuality classes to adults.

Very little involving sex shocks me. Of course those grotesque muscles in the first photo came close, but I don't consider those sexy.

Michele said...

Betty ! That is SO cool! Must look awesome on a resume!

And I agree, those pics do nothing for me either because they are TOO much. It's not graceful, or smooth . Getting a hug must be like being wrapped by a bag of rocks covered in supple leather.
And those veins! Guess the phlebotomists don't have trouble drawing blood from those babies!

Hmmm, so, are you saying that I should share a few of "those" photos if they are along the lines of the chair guy, W/O erasing anthing?
I don't know if I'm that daring...I'm a closet prude.

Mark Pettus said...


Dare I say it...

Your position?

"When is BIG Too Big??"

I can't answer, because I think the question is deeply personal. Similar to "What is sexy?"

I will answer your post script - steroids shrink and atrophy the testicles and penis. Many body builders take supplements to counteract the effect.

Betty S said...

No, no, no.
I would never tell a person to do something they aren't comfortable doing. All I'm saying is that I sometimes enjoy looking and I don't offend easily. Since the internet is pretty public and there are people who would be offended, I wouldn't blame you at all for being a little prudent.

You can always keep a secret stash some where. ;-)

Michele said...

Wow! I never knew that, Mark. Thanks for answering. And you are the ONLY one who took that question seriously. Thank you. I was truly curious. I never could understand the vast discrepancy. As for the "position", LOL. If ever a post or question could be presented to generate comments, I think this one was it...ya think?
LOL. Thanks SO much for dropping by!

Betty, **giggle**, I'm BUSTIN' Ya! If I truly was adverse to the artform that inspired the Greeks, would I have the "secret stash"?
I like to look too :-)

Trista Bane said...

I don't think the guy in the little picture at the bottom is "too" big, but he's borderline. I think the Ancient Greeks had the right idea-- everything in moderation. Muscles, but not too many. Wine, but not so much that you get a hangover. Food, but not enough to make you um, well, look like a few of your pictures here. It's my understanding that the Ancient Greeks preferred breasts to be medium sized as well.

Shesawriter said...

That first one can't possibly be real.


Shesawriter said...

Wait a minute. That second guy's got his wanker out! ROFLOL!

Michele said...

Trista, That was a very classy comment. Thank you! And I like your last tidbit about the ancient Greeks and breasts...that there is pure wisdom!

Tanya! There you are! **grin**
LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't notice the attributes of the second photograph right away. Thanks! *wink*

Annalee Blysse said...

Men who are strong from daily hard work tend to be proportioned evenly everywhere and that is attractive... Bulking up at the gym looks uneven. But that man up top... has to be a fake! Oooo... LOL.

Michele said...

I don't know about him being fake, Annalee, but for sure, there is no physical job on earth that requires that kind of bulk.