Sunday, March 05, 2006

Can I fall in love with a quiz?

Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs die for
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...the only thing I desire
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...amazing
Your love is...unique
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I LOVE the results of this next quiz!

Which famous punk/rock stars will you get into bed?(for females)
by burymesoftly
Your Name
Your Punk/Rock LoverLars Frederickson of Rancid
Whereoutside during a bad storm
Positionhim tied up and you on top
What he says about your "talent""marry me!"
What happens afterwardsyou get up and walk out
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This one is a little sick, but the cow is cute!
Which sexy cow (male) will eat you? by spikedvengeance
which cow will eat you:
when:September 13, 2655
why:your ass is huge and juicy
how:with his bare
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I wished I had the result someone else got though...*sigh*..They had an ORLANDO BLOOM Cow!! *sigh* ,, I don't even know who MY cow is... do you?

This next one is so stupid, I LOVED it! I always knew Bea Aurtur was Kick-ass!!
Which male celebrity will die for you?
by jessica_whoser
Who will die for you?Michael Jackson
Who killed him?Bea Arthur
His last words"I'm coming, Elvis!"
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Gangadhar said...

fantastic series of quizzs!!loved all of them..tried all of them..
tnx for sharing wid us!!

Brandy said...

Hahahahaha! The last one is hilarious!

eMMa said...

LOL you're addicted!

I've tagged ya!

Trista Bane said...

Your cow is Eric Bana! I love him. Absolutely love him! He played Hector in Troy (Orlando Bloom--whom I also love-- played his brother Paris, and Brad Pitt played Achilles). Eric also played The Hulk. But, I didn't find him as hot as in Troy.

I love Eric's voice. It's all deep and gravely at times. If you haven't already, you've gotta watch Troy! Too many hotties not to watch that movie!

Michele said...

So Glad you enjoyed them, Gangadhar. I certainly had fun taking them.

I thought so too, Brandy! I hadn't thought about Bea Arthur in YEARS!

HI! LaRA! You're right, I am addicted, and YOU got me that way! LOL. Thanks for the tag. I'll get to it ...I just have another post I've been inspired to do, but I think the meme is cool!

Trista! Thank you for solving the mystery! The odd thing is, I HAVE seen Troy. Looks like I have a reason to watch it again, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Who will die for you? Danny Devito
Who killed him? Adolf Hitler
His last words "Make room for ME, Satan!"

Michele said...

Bonnie! That was great! LOL!!

Kristen Painter said...

These have to be some of the most bizarre quizzes I've seen. You've outdone yourself.

Michele said...

**giggle** Thanks, Kristen...I think. :-)

Always happy to hear from you.

Jill said...

Eric Bana ... love him!!!

Shesawriter said...


Thanks for the fun quizzes. These are keepers.