Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy St. Partrick's Day to You!

All things Irish, From Sports, to Symbols to Art to Handsome Irish Men ... Do I have it all covered? Have a wonderful day! And that's no Blarney! LOL !

I hope this post works. My site was down for most of last night and today because of some glitch with a certain part of Blogger.

I guess I was a victim of Blarney!!!


Brandy said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Love all the pictures. Dh and I both wear a claddaugh ring!

Trista Bane said...

Top of the mornin to ya! Love these pics.

And I love the cat pics as well!



Anonymous said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you :)

Savannah Jordan said...

Puppy!!! Makes you want to pucker ups and smooch him. :)

Nice pics, Michele!! You read my blog, you know what I was doing on St. Patty's day. :) I did have a green beer in the sports bar. Well, half of a beer...

Betty S said...

I love St. Paddy's and all things Irish. I'd thought this post couldn't get any better until I got to those photos at the end.
Holy Moly, woman. I can't breath.

Where do you find your pictures?
You are good. Really, really good!

Betty S said...

The link to another blog didn't open for me. Could you type it out and post in on "Dishin the Dirt"?

Mel Francis said...

Hope you had a great Green Day. Thanks for posting pics of Pierce and Colin.

I spent the weekend watching Thomas Crown Affair to get my fill of the irish. LOL

Michele said...

Brandy, That's cool! 2 days without out my site working was driving me nuts! Thanks for the heads-up!

Trista! Thanks! I have a couple of more cat pics. Today was the last day of my Cat Sitting. It was fun and guess what? She never hissed once today? I guess I grew on her, LOL!

Bonnie! Thank you!

SavANNah! LOL, yep , great fun blog post! Glad you had a great St. Patricks Day too!

Betty! *grin*, glad you liked my Irish eye candy!! Where do I find my pictures? Google , with a generous side order of patience and creative thinking, LOL! I've already sent the link to your site. Enjoy!

Hi Mel!!! Thanks so much for stopping by. Yep, love those Irish guys! *wink* And yes, I had a great day. I hope you did too!

Kristen Painter said...

The guy in the hat and beard is killing me.

Michele said...

LOL!, Kristen!
I also have a guy in a Pimp costume, I think is just as funny..should I post it???