Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Good Question!

I decided to answer it in a post.

What is Fish Salt?

It is a product that I use to help maintain fish health.
Everytime I do a water change I have to add some. I was out. How I ended up buying books in addition to this all important ingredient has me puzzled. Must have been that ol' Carpathian compulsion thing. LOL

I have to share this too. On MySpace, I was delightfully woo'ed by a 29 yr old guy who ADORES older women.

He said, "Your age is but a number. You are still young yet and I'd like to show you how I appreciate your being a lady."

Woot! That was a smooth little line. But as a keeper of things that swim, wouldn't you say his intent might be a little, oh, I don' t know ....., "FISHY?"

I Might consider oogling, appreciating and otherwise wishing I were an artist or sculptor if, and I mean a BIG "if", said 29 yr old guy was a lost beached merman....... who had the need of someone to show him what to do with that little, teeny towel........ Oh My!!!

I bet HE knows where fish salt comes from! *wink*


Shesawriter said...

I consider all internet solicitations suspect. Then again I'm cynical. Whatever the case, the first thought that popped in my jaded mind was, "He's a pervert." LOL!


Brandy said...

Ooookay! You live a varied and interesting life, don'tcha?!

Kelli McBride said...

I was thinking that it was some kind of cooking spice. I never thought of aquariams - and we used to own a pet store!! LOL!

Michele said...

**giggle** Tanya! Pervert AND attempted home-wrecker. At that age, aren't they still thinking with the tiny brain? Very self-centered, that. **snicker**

Interesting life,Brandy? *grin*, It's all in how you spin it! LOL.

A Cooking Spice? Who knows..there could be one. There are some strange concoctions around the world. You owned a Pet Store? Really? Now THAT is interesting!
Thanks for visiting!

Annalee Blysse said...

Ah... Seeing as how I'm 99, you'd think he'd write me. LOL.

I love acquariums. I'm not too good with them though. Probably because I didn't have fish salt. I bought books but never did get it right, I felt too guilty about killing all my goldfish so I drained the tank and bought a snake. Hmmm... I never had any qualms about feeding my snake live goldfish.

Michele said...

Goldfish are hard to keep if you aren't diligent with water changes. They are dirty, poopy little buggers.
I have a hatchet fish and neon. I plan on getting more. Have had the tank for 5 years. In the last year, I"ve lost most of the fish, so I'd like to think it was "old" age...but I know what you mean about feeling guilty....
Your last statement about the snake cracked me up!
That was great irony!

Judson Knight said...

Michele, you are too bad, Girlfriend! I'm still marveling at how you turned what could have been a boring little entry on aquarium salt and managed to end off with images of naked mermen being schooled by MILFs. Sounds like the premise for a hot novel, if not a web site!

And Brandy, I would reply with one of my favorite quotes, from Oscar Wilde: "One's real life is not necessarily the life one leads."

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should exhange the fish salt for saltpeter. Keep that boy in cyberspace under control!

Kelli McBride said...

Owning the pet store was more about cleaning the poop out of aquariums and cages, and of course getting attached to birds, gerbils, and some of the more interesting fish only to have to sell them.

Plus, I am so allergic to animal dander and cedar, that the place, except for the fish, was a nightmare to work at. Fortunately, I was in my first year at the University of Tulsa, studying opera, so I didn't have a lot of time to help out at the family business.

Michele said...

LOL, Judson! What in the world is a MILF?? My illegitimate loving fish? Mermen in Love Flux? I'm really curious, especially if it can be made into a hot novel! *wink*

Jason! ROTFL!! Saltpeter,hmmm? must be brutal to a snails...peter....*gack*, where's my mind?!!!! you were talking cyber guy not fish guy...LOL ...I think it's past my bedtime.....

Hi Kelly! You're allergic too? Wow..I'm that bad as well, hence FISH. Of course, temporarily kitty sitting has the kiddos wanting their own. Have to break their little hopes ... and divert their attention with legos and ice cream..I hope it works. :-)

Thanks for the great comments all...and this from one of the shortest posts in a long time!!

Judson Knight said...

Hey, Michele. Sorry, I thought you knew that word. Um... I'm gonna let you figure that one out by using your own obviously considerable research efforts. Just now I was looking at some of the funny pictures you had up in your April Fool's Day post and thought, as I often do when seeing your posts, "Where does she find all this stuff?" Anybody who can come up with all those freaky things on such a regular basis--I'm thinking particularly now of the sushi and seafood place picture--can certainly find the definition to a term I'd prefer not to define in polite company.

Michele said...

OK, Judson, you are either talking about the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (which I doubt greatly) OR.... it's a reference to the 1999 movie, American Pie. Which, BTW-I've never seen! Be that as it may... it makes sense when I look back at my post and refer to the 29 yr old guy with the hots for cyber-me. I qualify since I am well within the demographic ages of 35-50. That leaves me only one conclusion to make:

Dang!, I'm good! :0

Judson Knight said...

Now you got me, because I didn't know the word originated from that movie--but yes, you figured it out!