Wednesday, March 15, 2006


My neighbors have trusted me with 9 days of kitty care for their little precious cutie.
I'll be honest..I have NEVER cared for a female cat. Only males were allowed in our home when I was growing up. She is quite different. Her name is Gypsy. And she gives insight as to why us females are accused of having "Hissy Fits", because she is the Queen!
I've never heard so many hisses in 3 days alone.

She's happy- Hiss, Don't get near my food dish - HISS, She's having SO much fun purring- Hiss! I'm walking across the room - HISS, She walks in front of my leg as I'm walking and bounces off of my shin - Double Hiss! She's falling off the couch from too much scratching - Hiss/Whoops! **giggle**

I'm laughing the whole time. My kids who were first excited and were very Disney-fied in their understanding of cats, have had a crash course in domestic animal reality. They freaked when they could see that I was about to get scratched. I had given them a lesson the day before. When a purring cat suddenly turns onto their back - Watch out! It's PLAY TIME!
Today, I had my coat on , so I pulled the sleeve down to cover my arm. I just stuck my finger past the fabric and continued scratching under her chin. My kids were jumping up and down, No MA! Stop MA! She's going to Scratch! She's going to attack!
"Yep.... she sure is", I grinned. Sure enough, Miss Mercurial didn't disappoint. Sooner than you can blink an eye, she went from purring to twisting with a hiss and started batting at my arm. Tappity Tappity Swatt Swatt. I bounced my arm on the couch and she attacked again..hissed (again) , jumped off the couch and went back to eat some more.
I'm laughing and having fun. My kids are looking at me as if they can't decide if I'm certifiable or one Uber-Brave Mom.

See this pic. It's Awesome! Why? because she's giving some lovin' to this great book I just started reading,
Bitten and Smitten by Michelle Rowan.

Could Gypsy have picked a better book to get into???

Look at her face. It is a speaking face. It's eloquent, queenly and confident.

It is also a " Don't EVEN !" kind of expression.

Remember, click on the pic to get the full effect of her eyes.

Don't you get the feeling that a Hiss is coming???


Gypsy was in scratching heaven here. I stopped to take her pic and it almost seems as though she's reaching out to say..Hey! More!

This is right before I went back to giving good scratch and she rolled off the couch!! LOL!

Just in case anyone was wondering if she was perturbed by her short free-fall, here she is after the ride. I sat on the couch, she jumped up and promptly went up side down!!! See? That brown thing is the side of my leg.
She wanted to play!!


So, folks, Thanks for stopping by and allowing me to share my only Kitty Sitting gig.
Isn't life grand?


Betty S said...

Those are great photos - and stories. I love animals.
I've said that before haven't I?

I'm this site link to Sheila, one of my CPs who is a cat-aholic.

Great post.

Anonymous said...

She's a beautiful cat :)

Brandy said...

Michele, she's a beauty! As you know, I am very aware of the "Queen" attitude. And the hissing-too funny! Your kids DO have an Uber Cool Super Mom!!!

Brandy said...

Also meant to say that I've read "Biiten and Smitten", it was a good read.

Robin Caroll said...

I love cats! I'm SUCH a cat person. I have five. Of course, my hubby has the one stupid dog! UGH

Sorry it's been awhile since I visited......been sick...AGAIN! UGH

Michele said...

Thank you , Betty! I had fun taking them. I hope to get a few more in before my sitting days are over. Time is flying!
Thank you for sharing the link!
It's a honor.

I agree,Bonnie! Her fur is so silky and full and I like her coloring. I am so lucky!

LOL! Brandy Thanks for the compliment. I'll have to let her "parents" know how many compliments she's gotten. **wink**

Robin! ((HUGS)) Sorry to hear you've been under the weather.
And it's a relief! Why? Because I thought (espcially so after your comment) that you didn't like my cute doggie story (because dogs are UGH?) OR, and here's the ironic part...the fact that in the first paragraph I used a "PASSIVE WAS!!" ((Gasp!!)) I thought It turned you off big time. (Now, I'm thinking it was the dog)
I tried to be concious about my verbal crutch, but I didn't succeed...can one write while unconcious?
No matter, thanks for dropping by and giving me the scoop. I hope you get 100% better soon and I'm glad I had cute kitty pics just in time for your viewing.

Jill Monroe said...

What a cutie!

Annalee Blysse said...

What a cute cat! Kissin' up on your book like that. This cat has a fun personality it seems. :)

Anonymous said...
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