Sunday, March 26, 2006

A different kind of BIG

Wow! The response to the last post was simply amazing. Thank you to all who took time to comment and/or razz me for my inattention to details. LOL.

I'm staying in the same vein for this post, but along a softer line and tone. I speak of the sport of wrestling.

I no longer watch wrestling. I used to. I thought it great theater; full of fun, physical prowess and a ballet of brutish and aggressive genius.
My icons at the time were :

Sgt. Slaughter,

Rowdy Roddy Piper,

Andre the Giant and of course, the most esteemed, Hulk Hogan. They were part of what was then known as the WWF -before copy rights became an issue and they had to change their acronym. Wrestlers are another variation of BIG - not just in body size, but in attitute, ego, persona and marketing. I have no idea what the wrestlers of today are like, or even, who they are. If one were to compare the wrestlers of my youth to todays, how would the current "stars" measure up?

I invite people ''in the know'' to educate me.

Be that as it may, I'd like to share a couple of thoughts about Hulk Hogan.

To start, he had style. For the most part, he was cast as a hero. He was able to bank on that status and he struck while the "iron was hot" , so-to-speak.

He Made MOVIES! Remember this one? It truly is the precursor to
The Pacifier with Van Diesel. Really!
Mr. Nanny came first. The premise is the same. Father- a genius who creates a super chip that the government (and all the other evil governments) want. Has kids to protect. Call in a BIG guy to do the next to impossible deed. Kids and Protecter have some SERIOUS bonding issues..hence the start of halarity. Sound familiar?

I've watched both and I have to think: Wrestler vs. Navy SEAL , hmmmmm. Is bigger better?

I mean, even Andre the Giant made a movie, Remember
The Princess Bride? He was perfect! I believe he passed away not too long after. What a shame. He truly was a gentle giant. Is there anyone in the current wrestling arena that comes close???

Wrestlers from my youth surely had style, class and were bankable beyond the WWF, how do the wrestlers of today fare?

AND, Is bigger still better?


Brandy said...

I can't help you here. I don't follow wrestling. However, judging by the commercials I've seen compared to what I remember the older curcuit being, todays seems more, MORE. Not always a good thing!

Anonymous said...

I love The Princess Bride. And I fist saw Hulk as 'Thunderlips' in Rocky 111 :)

dave said...

Issuing categorical maxims like "bigger is better" is never a good idea. Simply because they are never always true.

Is bigger better?
In miles per gallon, yes.
In credit-card debt, not so much.

dave said...

Why, oh why would you ever need a euphemism for candy?
Death? Sure. Brutal violence? Maybe. Delicious gum-drops? Never.

To answer your question, I do not eat moth balls. I think that would kill you.

Savannah Jordan said...

Ooooooohhhhh Randy Orton... Saw him live two years ago. Makes me wax poetic... *hope you don't mind*

thou art brazen
to walk in human form.

As could my hands
the beauty that is you,
And would that I was able
to caress such muscled stone
in the likeness of a god

‘Neath my palms
in beauty’s reign,
Tis your visage
I would work

And, when the gods
fell to jealousy
would only I call my task
For your reflection
would win Narcissus’ pool,
And topple Olympus
at your feet.

Michele said...

No problem Brandy! LIke I said, I do not follow it currently and things, when viewed upon based on memory, are more pleasing and sentimental. So, I waxed poetic ....

Bonnie, I SAW a pic with HH wrestling with Rocky, I thought it was a photoshop thing and didn't take it. I never knew he was in a Rocky movie!! Shows you how much I liked Rocky films...ack!

Dave...too funny! Of course one wouldn't need a euphamism for candy, but I was really struggling with that mental picture...that was me trying to make sense with the nonsensical...LOL. You DO have a clever way with words, you know, **grin** So glad you dropped by!

SavANNah! Love it! And you saw him in PERSON?? Oh, you lucky ducky you! **read envious swoon**

Thanks for the poetry. Of course I don't mind...add's class to the post *wink*

Judson Knight said...

Very cool, Michele! Deidre and I both grew up loving wrestling. She even blogged about it a few months back:

We're both extremely old-school, maybe even more than you. I was a big fan of the xenophobia-spawned bad guys of yore, like Ivan and Nikita Koloff (who I think were actually a couple of good ole boys from North Carolina) and the Sheikh. By the time Hulk Hogan came along, I already thought it was getting too commercialized, and like you, I don't remotely relate to the stuff they have on now. Just as MTV kind of "tamed" rock (to the detriment of the latter) by ironing out all the real rough edges and putting in fake ones, so the latter-day version of wrestling spoon-feeds the drama.

Kudos to you for keeping the dream of true greatness alive! BTW, if you can get ahold of it, there's a fabulous documentary called "Beyond the Mat" that I'd highly recommend!

Michele said...

Very Cool! Back at you Judson!
Ah, A TBV'd recommend. Always appreciated.
I think I do remember something about a Shiekh, now that you mention it. It was quite a bit ago, wasn't it. Time sure flies.
Thanks for stopping by!