Monday, March 13, 2006

I LOVE Brawny Men!!!

Yes! I am finally going to do the post that Judson so nicely inspired. I have had a hard time trying to do justice to this post. I was just chatting with Savannah on IM when the one I picked finally loaded. (it took 45 minutes for me since I have that blasted Dial-up connection) I was in girly awe!!! Sorry Savannah for the interruption!

Good gravy! I had no idea this site even existed. What fun!
I have to be honest though. Sitting through some of these scenarios made me squirm. (in a good, blushing and disconcerted way)
I never thought a man could look so HOT in plaid!! I mean, I'm used to Jeff Foxworthy or the Cable Guy.... but the BRAWNY guy? Woohoo!

The one that took the cake was this last one..a custom choice...The Warm Welcome, A Spider! and Ten Tired Toes --OMGOSH!!! I want those feet to be mine. I do not have a person in my house *ahem* that will go near a foot, even to massage it. To see a man WANT to do that....I squirm with titillation. In another choice, when he spoke French in that low toned, casual, sexy, sultry .......

Oh! Gee, here I am going all agog and gooey and you have NO IDEA what I am talking about!!

Please -- for pure female pleasure and glee, check out


Remember, when he's looking at you, he's looking into your eyes.... and you can't turn away ... no matter HOW it makes you feel....
I viewed "Buyer's Remorse"..oh how I wish I had that response from my DH..ALL. The. Time.
I also chose "Your Hair -It's perfect"
And "Happy Birthday"..


I will Never, Ever look at Brawny paper towels quite the same again.....

That being said, you have to tell me which scenario YOU picked! Come one...I shared mine, didn't I??

Blogger went back up so I could post MY version of Man in Plaid.... What do you think???

Have fun!!!


Kristen Painter said...

Okay, that just made me feel creepy and weird. lol

Shesawriter said...

I'm with Kristen. Very creepy. :-)


Michele said...

LOL! Kristen and Tanya!
In a way, I kind of agree. Isn't he the embodiment of Metro Man???As opposed to Uber Man..or what ever the catch phrase is now???

It does make a person feel kind of...weird watching it. I know it did me..but the foot massage part just thrilled me! And the speaking in French...It gave me the giggles truthfully.
But I hope you can't say you were bored!! **wink**

Betty S said...

While the men were interesting, what I really want is that cabin!!!

Looks like inspiration for one best seller after another to me.

Brandy said...

I don't want to make anyone mad, but I always hated those Brawny commercials. The guy comes across as WAAAAYYYYY gay! And creepy! And whoever commented on that cabin, I CALL DIBS! It's beautiful isn't it?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I agree on the creepy thing ;)

Michele said...

Your guys are too much!!!

LOL, Betty, Brandy and Bonnie...
Ha! I just noticed all your names start with B and you all commented in a row.....that's darn cute! :-)

Yes, yes..OK, I'll agree, he's creepy and it DOES make you feel weird listening to him.
I get a squirmy feeling ... yet I'm smiling like a goofball because it IS so skewed.

I mean, when I saw the spider part, I"m like "Aha, Man to the rescue!"..When he SAVED the critter, I'm like " WHAT?! ,WHAT?!" No NO! you STEP on spiders in the home, STOMP on them! Make them into pate`, but you don't save them like they're a cute little pet called Schnookums!!!

So, yeah, Ok, I agree with you guys.

It IS a beautiful cabin though.....**wink**

Judson Knight said...

Okay, ladies, here's a man to clarify the whole thing for you ;-) JUST KIDDING! Put down that kitchen knife!

First of all, Michele, thanks for taking so seriously my request that you put your special "M's Favorite Things" touch on the Brawny Man commercials, which I think are an absolute hoot. The way I see it is this: of course the guy is supposed to be kind of creepy and controlling, but at the same time, he clearly understands what a girl wants at the end of a hard day, and in that sense he's an inspiration to all men who want to be better husbands and boyfriends. Hence I like to say, "Don't Just Be a Man: Be a BRAWNY Man!"

I don't think the Brawny Man lacks machismo. After all, note that most of what he's doing off-screen when we first see him in each spot tends to be fairly macho. If anything, I'd say that he's maybe a little overly strong inasmuch as it seems that he exerts a sort of Svengali-like spell over the woman he's addressing. He also seems to have an uncanny, almost scary, understanding of what women want from men--or at least, what women say they want from men.

To me, the Brawny Man exudes a certain quality that, in the proper balance, is appealing: the attitude that, no matter what challenges come up in the woman's life, he's there to make things better. Obviously that sort of posture can be scary and overbearing, as it is (intentionally) in these commercials, but I would think that many women would find a more mild version of the same thing quite comforting. Speaking as a man, it always makes me feel good to do those things for which "it's good to have a man around": fixing something that's broken, going downstairs in the middle of the night to check on a suspicious noise, and generally shielding my wife from the unnecessary hardships that modern life dishes out in abundance. Again, all of these components can make for a scarily male-dominant relationship ala the film Secretary (I couldn't decide in the end what I thought of their relationship), but a strong, protective male who also recognizes the individuality of his partner, and the fact that she needs to fight some of her battles on her own, can be quite positive.

Yes, he saves the spider, Michele, but if you think about it, that's actually the more "daring" thing to do--to pick it up and put it outside, rather than simply crush it and pick it up (with your hand wrapped in a Brawny towel, of course, to protect against icky spider-blood.) Against a more dangerous adversary--i.e., a human--I could well imagine the Brawny Man holding his own. But he wouldn't fight anybody unless he sensed that that was what the woman really wanted.

Michele said...

Wow, Judson!!

I am ... in awe! The idea that he was "doing what women would want a man to do", zipped through my brain at one point, but didn't stay long enough to catch, never mind write clearly about.
Perhaps, it is because I was viewing it on another "female" level and experiencing it, versus clinically and objectively dissecting it. (doesn't detract from finding it a "hoot" though) I don't think I could have written that as well as you have.
Obviously , you've given these little skits some serious thought. Which I thank you for. Your comment is a perfect counter-balance to the post. Not just in the male/female arena , but in fairness of viewpoint.
This post, with your added comment was like a great sandwhich...first you have the bread (your comment) -the important stuff (12 Grain) on the outside, with my Fluff (the sweet fun stuff) on the inside.
How Zen!
Thanks, Judson!

And thanks for the site. It WAS fun!

Michele said...

Oh, And Judson? Spiders still belonged squished!

Betty S said...

I thought he was sort of like a stepford brawny man. If someone created a make robot for women, that's what he would say and do.
Not that I don't appreciate it when my husband says or does something like that, but that's different. He knows me, loves me, and only does it when he means it. This guy came across as a little phony.

Of course, he was cute. Sort of.

Betty S said...

That's MALE robot.

Michele said...

Good observation, Betty!
Stepford Brawny....LOL, that's perfect considering that the wives kept PERFECT houses and you Need Paper Towels as tools of the "trade" so-to-speak. What better towel, than the Stepford Brawny Towel??? *wink*

And Yes, I gathered that might have been a typo..I'm famous for them :-)

Hmmm, robot male...I think I'd make the voice a little more forcefull..a soft male bedroom voice that doesn't deviate 24/7 would seem too weird. IMHO.
Thanks for stopping by again,Betty! Loved your comment
PS.. Your DH sounds wonderful!!

Brandy said...

No offense to Judson, but I feel the Brawny Man is more a symbol of what women have been saying that they want. But, as you can see, it's a bit scarey (AND CREEPY) to actual have it.

Savannah Jordan said...

Well, Hujn, I amin the midst of rewrites, so I cannot go and looke right now, but I will get to it later, okay? I'm glad that you found something 'inspiring.'

No need to apologize for interupting, Hun. No worries. I get 'distracted' occasionally, too. :)

Faith said...

Honey, switch to DSL. The extra $5 to $10 a month is worth it!!! I had dial-up for years (I'm very rural) and dial-up is like the stone age compared to DSL.

Michele said...

Brandy! You summed it up PERFECTLY!!!!

Thanks, SavAnnah! Still can't get over the image of cats and toes though, LOL!!!

Hi, Faith!
I would LOVE DSL! But they don't offer it here, I've checked. They can't even get an estimate as to when my area will be eligible for the update in tech. Guess I'm still uber-rural where I live.
Darn. I hate the stone age.!