Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter Wishes For You

I hope you have a wonderful Easter, no matter your symbol, may it be a day filled with love of family and friends and may it be filled with hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Michele :)

Betty S said...

Happy Easter!

Mine will be a day of working at my husband's office helping him with the last of the tax returns and extensions.


Brandy said...

Happy Easter! Hope your day was filled with peace and family.

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Michele!

-Eddie from NYC

Jill Monroe said...

Happy Easter, Michele!


Michele said...

Thanks everyone (Bonnie, Betty, Brandy, Eddie and Jill) for your Easter wishes to me!

I really appreciate your stopping by!
I hope your Easter was especially wonderful. :-) And that happy memories were made yesterday.