Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Gosh, It's Monday!

Did everyone eat enough yesterday? I spent the day between my church family and my own family. Very full day. A sunny and warm day. A day in which memories were made and memories will have to serve as I never remembered to grab my camera and snap even one single picture. Was too busy being and doing.
I started my Easter day cooking my contributions to the family meal; mashed potatoes and sugar glazed baby carrots. I also brought three kinds of rolls (potato, snowflake and finger) and I brought the wine.
And what a wine it was!

In many books, you've read mention of Merlot. I even posted about my first taste of a fancy Merlot last summer and how much I loved it. I'm going to add to that .

Blackberry Merlot by Wildvines. What a flavorful wine! I hardly EVER drink wine with food. This beverage not only was divine to the taste buds by itself, it complimented the meal. Everyone around the table was amazed and pleased with the selection, claiming it was the smoothest and best they'd ever toasted a holiday with. And, *gasp!* asked for seconds!!! I will tell you, in my family, that is unheard of! There's a famous line out there in TV land ...
" I love it when a plan comes together." How true that is *grin*

I guess this is copyrighted so I'll include a link to the humorous cartoon about overeating And for those who get irritated with following links - here are a few glances at happy overeaters...LOL!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Brandy said...

I never thought I'd say it, but Thank God for Monday!!! The whole weekend is a blur. Too many things to do! Glad to hear that things went well. The wine sounds lovely, unfortunately I'm sorta allergic or I'd try it myself! Have a good day!

Shesawriter said...

OMG, that's cat abuse! That poor thing.

Jill Monroe said...

That squirrel pic is hilarious!

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