Sunday, April 02, 2006

WWW -The Original was BEST

Are you mature enough to remember this classic TV show?
My cousin and I would call each other after each episode and squeal about the daring-do of our favorite hero, James West. And share our amazement at the clever disguises of Artemis Gordon, he equally cute partner. *sigh*, Now THAT was fun television.
It was the ONLY western that I burned to watch, bar none. No one has ever come close as those Secret Service Agents for President Grant. James West, My Hero.....((swoon))

He's my perfect Alpha man .... yep... I got hooked on 'em young. *wink* Who says TV doesn't influence?

Oh, and as for the remake? Heh..don't ask.


Tell me there was nothing there to set a young girls heart into
"Pitter-Patter" mode.

Here's hoping that your memories of favorite early influences are as fun today as they were then.

P.S. I dedicate this post to my cousin, J. *giggle*


Betty S said...

Oh, yes.
I remember.

Michele said...

I never know what I'm going to blog about. Tonights inspiration came from my kids watching The Great Race and my DH asking me "What was the guys real name that played Artemis Gordon?", that's all it took before I took on the mission to share my early TV girlhood giddiness.

I'm glad you remember too, Betty!

Brandy said...

I barely remember this show. But, I can see it's appeal! *wink*

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I remember! Robert Conrad still does it for me old or not! He has great looking sons too. Though I think he is still the best. Right up there with Sean Connery! The thing about RC though, is he is so terribly arrogant and sexist. But at least I can still enjoy looking!!

Not too long ago, forget what channel, when I worked nights at the hotel, I was watching the old series. Those writers sure had good imagination! But the episode titles were all the same. "The Night of the...."
I was surprised that I didnt find the shows lame, like the old Star Treks. There is another one, a YOUNG William Shatner....anyway,
I was just as hooked as an adult as I was back in the day!!
Thanks for the post and for the reminders of the past and for thinking of me!
Cousin J

Michele said...

You are SO welcome, Cousin!
RC had sons? Really? Our age? Ooh,yummy!

I had so much fun remembering those days .... and having someone to share them with!
You're the best, J!

Shesawriter said...

Oh, man. I haven't thought about this series in years. Thanks for the pics!

Savannah Jordan said...

Ummm... nope not mature enough. Don't want to be, either! :P

btw, I took a cue from you and your pics and posted a few of my own... (same as on MySpace)

Gangadhar said...

I don't know about this..Thanks for the info..
And how's you,Michele?

My Mouth said...

Didn't WWW have the guy from Kung Fu in it? What was his name? Grasshopper?

Annalee Blysse said...

Not one I've seen enough of. But I do remember it.

Avindair said...

I used to love WWW when I was a kid.

Years later, during the run of that disasterous film version (ASIDE: The technical writer where SpousalGoddess worked at the time was the authoer of the film's novelization...but I digress) I caught some of the old episodes on TV again.

Oh, wow. Oh, dear. They certainly didn't age that well, did they?