Monday, April 24, 2006

Updated Vaca via The Twilight Zone

Blogger ate the first, HUGE post. Can I say that Murphy's Law is still in effect?
I'll update when Blogger behaves better.

Blogger is up!

Let's try this again. The post that got eaten, must have been regurgitated ...lovely thought that. Anyway, it appears below. How bizarre is Blogger anyway? It said it couldn't publish , yet it shows up. I was really daunted at the thought of having to re-think and rewrite the whole entity. Imagine my relief when I found I didn't have to do that!

One aspect of my vacation ocurred before even reaching my destination. I was able to visit a lady who I've come to know. She owns a USB and she is a wonderful person. I make it a point to visit her whenever we head off to our vacation destination. She had a book on hold for me plus I bought at least 10 others. Plenty of books to read. That was a highlight for the readaholic within me.

Here are some of the few, very few, pictures that actually came out. I have no idea what went wrong. Maybe nothing. Just a continuation on a theme. (choas)

The Map of where I went.

The waves on the National Seashore were wild and woolly. Actually, the wind was biting cold and the water possessed sharply chilled teeth with a frothy overlay.

No one was swimming. Although there was one hardy family who actually brought winter coats, hats, mittens, boots, beach blanket, pails and shovels and a picinic.
I am Totally serious. It was the silliest and funniest thing we saw ... but the pictures aren't here. *sigh* Just take my word for it. There ARE true polar bear families out there.

Can you see the porch?
If I stood near the railing and threw a stone, I'd hit the beach.

Imagine hearing the roar of the ocean throughout the night, lulling you to sleep with nature's natural rhythym.

I will sorely miss this place.
It was uncommercialized, friendly and touched by the gentle hand of time.

This is the view from the window over my bed. The patio used to have lobster traps decorating it. The owners always made sure there were "sea critters" inside to test the bravery of the visiting kids.
It was great ambiance.
A celebration of what made life fun.
We will always have the adventures we took with our imaginations.
It is all that will remain.

No more. This room, by this time next year, will be gutted and turned into a Time Share where they sell one week of time - off season - for "eternity" - for roughly $13,000.

When you tack on the fees, taxes and interest, is it really worth it??????
We have feelings and associations to what was. The commercialized "what will be" doesn't touch the heart like the family had that once owned this ocean gem.
They will be missed.

Onward roll the changes from the march of time .....
They force us to find a different tune to march to.
We believe we found it.

Treasure is not limited to the chests of yore.
I love the coast.


Brandy said...

What pictures you have are quite lovely.

Trista Bane said...

That's so sad that they're gonna change the room like that. But at least you have your memories. I hope you enjoyed your hiatus!

Thanks for the congrats! The cake was great. :)



Anonymous said...

Looks like a beautiful spot, Melissa. I hope you find a similar getaway in the future.

Thanks for your comment on my "Meadow Crossing" story. Things are pretty hectic right now over at my blog with the "Two Lights" Short Fiction Contest running. I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the sentiment. Indeed, I based the story on the potential horrors we face with the bird flu by invoking a past epidemic.

Since you're just back from the coast, I'd be interested in your reaction to my story "Diamond Shoals" if you get a chance.

Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Those are beautiful pictures, Michele :)

Jill Monroe said...

Thanks for posting these - I was wondering how it went!

Michele said...

Thanks, Brandy. The ones that didn't come out would have been even better.. :-) Like the one with ME in it, LOL

Hi, Trista! Cake was great, huh? The taste of success, :-)
Yeah, memories will be it, but over the years we've taken some delightful pictures. Time to scrapbook!

Jason! You gave me my niece's name! LOL, no prob, she's a great kid. When my brain isn't fried I'll be happy to read the story. I had been preparing for a meeting that was held last night. Tough being president, ;-)

Howdy, Bonnie! And Thank you!

Thanks, Jill! It went as fine as a vacation on the ocean can. ANY day near the ocean is a good one.
Haven't caught a merman yet though.